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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Guest post from: Kent Lara

I have made plans to visit my friends in Charleston, South Carolina this summer. In fact, I just booked my flight yesterday using my wichita falls wireless internet connection. Southwest airlines has recently started servicing Charleston and the cost of traveling to Charleston has fallen a lot. Before they got full service at the airport, it was almost outrageous how much it cost to book a flight into Charleston. You would almost do better to fly into Columbia, South Carolina, or Atlanta ( five hours away) and drive. The tickets were literally like a thousand dollars—definitely too rich for my blood! I booked a ticked for only four hundred dollars round trip, with a good flight schedule! I can’t wait to see my friends again. It has been years since I visited them. The last time I went to see them, I was living on the East Coast. This is one vacation that I am really looking forward to! I also want to visit Sullivan’s Island while I am there and eat at Poe’s on the beach!