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Friday, November 15, 2013

Mountains, Valleys and Late Fall Foliage in Central Pennsylvania

Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania
Two weeks ago my husband and I took a little road trip from Harrisburg up to State College in Pennsylvania. We decided to take the scenic route and went up to State College via route 322/22 so that we could take a look at all of the pretty mountains, valleys and fall foliage that the area has to offer.

You can click on all photos in this blog post to enlarge them to see the details better. The photo up above is one we took looking from the Dauphin area across the Susquehanna River towards the Duncannon area. During this time of the year the fall foliage is gorgeous in this area of the state as we peak a little later than our northern counterparts.
Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania

The photo above is one we took about one hour into our trip as we headed up the road towards State College. This one was shot looking across the Juniata River and I really loved looking at the ridge line and all of the little towns that dot the river banks and sit within the valleys. Yup, this is small town America at its best!

On our trip home we came back the same way we went up. Once we hit the Daulphin area and looked out our car windows towards the Susquehanna River we could see the "State of Liberty" that sits out on an old abandoned stone bridge column.
Statue of Liberty in Dauphin Pennsylvania - Susquehanna River

She stands 25 feet high and was designed by a local artist in the area. The original one was destroyed and from what I understand the community came together and donated money for the artist to design a new one which current stands out there. You really can't see all of her details in this photo but I hear she is quite beautiful and you need a boat to go out on the Susquehanna to see her up close and personal.
Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania
The colors of the trees this time of year are so beautiful and taking road trips throughout Pennsylvania during the Fall months is a great way to see it. Although the states to the north of us boast about their fall foliage...I think that Pennsylvania is right up there with them on having gorgeous scenery during this time of the year.

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