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We're accepting travel related reviews and/or travel related sponsored posts here on our Pennsylvania and Beyond Travel Blog. This blog was started in 2008, before blogging was even popular! We have a well-established readership and social media followers. We're one of the most popular and most read Pennsylvania & Beyond Travel Blogs! Contact us to see how we can work together to promote your business, product or service.

Travel Reviews Can Include:

Hotel/Motel/Resort Accommodations
Campgrounds & Camping Related Activities
Ski Lodges and Bed & Breakfast Inns
Restaraunts and Eateries
Amusement Parks and Recreation Parks
Zoos, Aquariums and Wildlife Parks
Museums and Historical Sites
Airplane, Bus, Train, Ship, Ferry, Trolley, etc. Transportation
Cruises, Resorts and Spas
Sporting Events, Music Festivals, Concerts, Plays, etc.
Travel Products (luggage, backpacks, tents, campers, camping gear, etc.)
and others....large or small!
Amish Buggy Tours in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

If you would like to pitch us with a travel review, please email us at Ravish30(at)aol(dot)com with subject line: Travel Blog to discuss it. We will travel outside of Pennsylvania to your location if possible.

Your review will be written by a professional travel blogger and freelance ghostwriter with proper keyword links to your site. We include original photos and give all of our sponsors at least a 450+ word review or travel feature. All reviews are shared on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest for extra exposure, numerous times throughout the year.

You can view our Travel Ambassadorships, Affiliations & Reviews page to see some past examples of our work. It serves of a mini-online resume & media kit of previous sponsored travel features.

Note: We have several travel reviewers located in other states across the nation. Please contact us directly to inquire about their location and pitch us your travel-related opportunity. All of our writers have multi-year experience in writing and traveling.

Please contact us today to discuss your travel business needs.

Shelly and Sam H. ~ Owners