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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Winterwood Gift and Christmas Shoppe

Winterwood Gift & Christmas Shoppe is located in Cape May County in New Jersey. Every time we go down to Stone Harbor, Wildwood or Cape May, this store is on the top of my list for a visit. They have a main location over on the mainland in Rio Grande and two smaller locations right on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

When I'm down on vacation, I like to visit all three of their locations, because I typically find little things at each one, that the other one doesn't have! Matter of fact, it's always a must-shop on my list every time I'm down at the Jersey Shore.

One of the things I love about Winterwood is that it's an all year-long Christmas shop! You'll find thousands, upon thousands of different holiday ornaments in their stores! On top of that, you'll find all kinds of different holiday decorations, home decor items, keepsake gifts, jewelry, beautiful coastal-style lamps, seashells and more!

Just visiting this shoppe during any time of the year really puts you into the holiday mood! I love how every part of the store, inside and decorated up for the festive holiday! Heck, my grandchildren get really excited when we take them into the Winterwood store!

I put up two Christmas trees every year for the holidays and one of my trees is always decorated in a beach, coastal & nautical theme. This store is the BEST PLACE in the WORLD to find those type's of holiday ornaments and home decor decorations! I must own at least 75 ornaments from this store and that doesn't include the other 3 coastal lamps, wreaths, swags & home decor items that I've purchased from them over the years.

Out of their three locations, I highly recommend you visit the one over on the mainland. It has a big (free) parking lot for you to park in and the store is much larger than the two smaller locations on the Wildwood boardwalk. They're open year-round, so make sure you pay them a visit the next time you're down at the south Jersey Shore!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Shopping in Historic Downtown Gettysburg

Gettysburg Town Clock on Lincoln Square in Pennsylvania
Every year millions of people visit Gettysburg in Pennsylvania to tour the Civil War Battlefields and to visit many of the area's local attractions. If you're a Civil War buff, there's no better place to be than in Gettysburg! You can tour the Gettysburg Battlefields, visit the Soldiers' National Cemetery and check out all of the Civil War Museums while you're here.
Shopping in Downtown Gettysburg Pennsylvania

With that said, Gettysburg is a great place to visit if you just want to do some shopping too! There is the Gettysburg Outlet Mall (right on the outskirts of town), hundreds of gift shops at the tourist attractions & museums, etc. Personally though, I'm drawn to all of the small businesses and shops that line the downtown streets!
Lincoln Square in Downtown Gettysburg Pennsylvania

If you're planning a visit to the downtown area, you'll find three main parking garages and many of the downtown streets offered short-term metered parking. If you plan on spending the afternoon or the day, I recommend a parking garage. If you plan on just shopping for an hour or two...then a short-term parking meter is your best bet. With either option, plan on spending a little bit of money for parking and doing some walking!
Lincoln Square in Downtown Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Lincoln Square is where you want to start. You'll find that all of the major roads in and out of Lincoln Square have small stores, art galleries, antique shops, eateries, etc. lining their streets. If you're planning on staying for the weekend to primarily shop & visit the downtown attractions, you'll find just a few downtown hotels and bed & breakfasts to accommodate your needs. Personally though, I enjoy the hotels and bed & breakfasts that are not in the downtown area, but that's just an individual preference.
Shopping in Downtown Gettysburg Pennsylvania

When I visit Gettysburg for some shopping fun...I bring several large shopping totes along with me. This saves me from making numerous trips back & forth to the car when I have purchases in hand. I like to load up my totes and then head to the car and trust me, it's a lot easier this way!!!
Shopping in Downtown Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Today I wanted to give visitors a little taste of the Gettysburg downtown area by sharing some photographs with you that we took on a recent trip to the area. The downtown area is absolutely gorgeous and everyone seems so friendly. The town decorates the downtown area during each of the 4 seasons and during the holidays, which is a great time to visit.
President Abe Lincoln Statue in Gettysburg

If you're looking for some of the famous landmarks, you'll find the President Lincoln statue and the town clock...right on Lincoln Square. As you walk around the area you'll see various historical markers and educational plaques that give you the history on particular buildings, attractions, memorials, businesses, etc. If you're new the area, take some time to learn more about Gettysburg while you're here.
Shopping in Downtown Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Every time I visit the downtown area...I have a great time! There is always something to see and do, and everyone is super-friendly. After a great afternoon of shopping, we like to grab a bite to eat at one of the eateries and sometimes we take in a show a the Gettysburg Performing Arts Center. While we do take "day trips" to the area, the majority of the time we plan a weekend getaway, so that we can really enjoy our visit.
Gettysburg Performing Arts Center

If you would like to learn more about some of the Civil War and Tourist Attractions that you can find in Gettysburg, please visit the Pennsylvania section right here on our travel blog. We've extensively written about our visits to Soldiers' National Cemetery, Gettysburg Train Museum, the Gettysburg Diorama, the Gettysburg Railroad Station and more! You can also check out our Gettysburg Pennsylvania board over on Pinterest.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Family Fun at the Williams Grove Speedway

Sprint car racing has been around for decades and one of the premier sprint car racing tracks happens to be located in south central Pennsylvania. Williams Grove Speedway has been open for business since 1939 and continues to be one of the hottest places for sprint car racing. The race track is a 1/2 mile in length and made of smooth clay.

The typical racing season runs March through early October with special events held in between that time. Admission prices vary according to age and race event that you're attending. If you're taking the kids along with you to the track, children 12 and under are admitted for FREE with a paying adult. The 2017 racing season looks like it will be a great one! 

You'll find the speedway located off W. Lisburn Road at 1 Speedway Drive in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. Right down the street from the speedway you'll find the Williams Grove Farmers Flea Market which is open on Sundays from sunrise until 2 PM. You can find directions on their website. 

When we visit the speedway I always take along sunscreen and bug spray. Right before we go in the gates, We all get our sunscreen on and insect repellent. At times those mosquitoes can be quite nasty when you're out during the evening, especially on a muggy night. Just a little tip about that! 

If you get hungry or need something to drink, you can find food & beverages there. For the most part, they're affordable but you do need to watch what you get. In addition, some races garner a larger crowd than during other times. Regardless, we always have a great time when we go! 

You can visit the Williams Grove Speedway website to find a complete schedule of all of the sprint car races and special racing events that they host. You can also connect with them over on Facebook to get current up-to-date information on racing events.