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Friday, July 28, 2017

3 Tips to Using a Rideshare While on Holiday

3 Tips to Using a Rideshare While on Holiday
If you’re going on a holiday, you know that one of the things that you need to plan for is the mode of transportation that you will be taking. While some places may be near enough that you can take your own vehicle, there are times when that is impossible.

While mass public transport can be used, there are times when it might be too full or it might not be dependable. There’s nothing worse than missing out on a scheduled tour just because you were late. It’s a good thing that ride-share has become more popular nowadays.

By just going to a website or downloading an app, a passenger is able to arrange for private car owners to give them a ride to their destination. Of course, you need to make sure that that particular ride-share service is available in whatever city or country you will be going to.

Once you’ve confirmed that, follow the tips below to make the most out of your ride-share experience.

1. Schedule your trip – make the trip more convenient for you by scheduling ahead of time. To make sure that you are on time for an event that you really wanted to see or to just meet up with a friend while on holiday, it’s better to book in advance. Check with the place you’re going to and find out how early you can book the ride. This is especially convenient when you are traveling to another country. If your hotel does not offer airport transfers, it might take a while for you to line up for a cab, and it would be hard to use public transport if you have a lot of luggage.

2. Split the fare with a friend – when you’re on a holiday with friends, the usual practice is to split the fare between all of you. Ride sharing apps make it easier as some include a Split Fare Tool so that the payment can be divided equally among all the friends who shared the ride. There are some apps where even up to five friends can split the fare.

3. Be smart with the timing of your booking – while ride-sharing apps are cheaper and more convenient than taking a cab, commuters still need to be smart about the time they book as there are instances when the prices are higher than usual. This depends on a lot of circumstances, such as the weather, traffic or even the demand of the service. If more people are looking for a ride, expect higher prices. Try to do your research and check on the times when the price is the highest and book in advance if need be. Sometimes, you can just wait for a few minutes to pass and the price will go back to the usual fare without any surcharge.

Enjoy your holiday by taking advantage of all the benefits that ride sharing can bring. If you want more information, check out this site They have compiled a lot of details and even a list of promo codes for new and existing users to enjoy.

Exploring Fort Hunter Mansion and Park in Harrisburg

Fort Hunter Mansion and Park in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Fort Hunter Mansion and Park is located right along Front Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It's a beautiful riverfront park that sits right along the Susquehanna River. Visiting the park is FREE. It's open daily. You'll find two large parking lots with regular and handicap parking spaces.

Today's feature is on exploring the Fort Hunter Park and the services that they have to offer. We'll touch upon the history a little bit of the Mansion, but our main focus today is on the park itself and everything that you can do there.
Fort Hunter Mansion and Park - Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The park is split in half by Front Street, so you'll need to decide which parking lot to park in. We'll describe each half of the park by calling the first half as the Mansion side and the second half as the Centennial Barn side. I'm sure they have more official names for them, but I find it easier to just call them by the name of the landmark located within each one.

On the Mansion side of the park you'll find the historic Fort Hunter Mansion, the Mansion Gardens, the Memorial for Mrs. Margaret Wister Meigs, picnic tables, riverfront swings, a covered picnic pavilion, horseshoe pit, public restrooms and a playground for the kids. At the very end of this parking can get some great views of the historic Rockville Bridge!
Fort Hunter Mansion and Park in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Fort Hunter Mansion and Park in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The Fort Hunter Mansion was built in three sections. The middle stone section was built by Archibald McAllister in 1786 and is the oldest structure on the property. In 1814 he added the elegant Federal style front section. The next owner, Daniel Dick Boas, added the rear wooden summer kitchen in 1870 and the house's decorative Victorian Italianate porches, balconies and trim. Helen and John Reily added the Colonial Revival front porch and color scheme around 1900.
Fort Hunter Mansion and Park in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

If you walk to the right side of the Mansion you'll find the entrance to the Gardens. It's a small floral gardening area and right behind that you'll see an excavation area (roped off) and that's where researchers have been digging, looking for historical artifacts and fossils. You'll want to stay on the walking paths when walking around in this area.

There is an admission fee if you want to take a guided tour inside Fort Hunter Mansion. If you're looking for the gift shop, that is located around the right side of the mansion and has some really cool souvenirs and gifts. Please note: These are guided tours which means you may have to wait a little bit before your tour begins.
Fort Hunter Mansion and Park in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Right in front of the mansion you'll find a memorial that was set up to honor Mrs. Margaret Wister Meigs. The memorial was constructed by Henry Varnum Poor, and is constructed of bricks from her home in Washington D.C. I'm not sure when this memorial was made, but it's starting to look a little shabby. Hopefully they will keep an eye on that and perhaps get it restored.

Let me mention the picnic facilities throughout the park. There are two large covered picnic pavilions with one being on each side of the park. Then...sprinkled throughout the park (both sides) and mainly underneath shaded areas, you'll find various wooden picnic tables that you can use. If you want to reserve one of the covered picnic pavilion areas, you need to plan ahead and call them up to arrange it. It's first-come, first-serve. If one of the pavilions isn't being used on a particular day, by all means, feel free to use it. Otherwise, you'll have to enjoy your picnic at one of the tables scattered throughout the park.
Fort Hunter Mansion and Park - The Centennial Barn

To get to the Centennial Barn side of the park, you'll want to cross Front Street using the official crosswalk area. The traffic can be a little bit of a hassle, especially if you're trying to cross during rush hour. Just make sure that your careful when crossing and ALWAYS cross in the designated crosswalk.

The Centennial Barn side of Fort Hunter Park has a large parking lot that you can use. There are sidewalks and walking trails to help you navigate through the different areas.  You'll find Centennial Barn is one of the main draws to this side. It's a beautiful barn that has been lovingly restored. I love the "gothic" style features! Throughout the year, they will host various events & gatherings in Centennial Barn for guests to enjoy.
Fort Hunter Mansion and Park - Everhart Covered Bridge

If you look to the right of the barn you'll find the famous Everhart Covered Bridge. Pennsylvania is known worldwide for having some of the best covered bridges in the world. This one was built in 1881 and was originally to span the Little Buffalo Creek in Perry County. It was torn down and moved to Fort Hunter Mansion & Park after Mrs. Meigs purchased it for $70.00 back in 1940. It was moved and rebuilt in front of the mansion. Then torn down & stored during park construction and rebuilt in it's now current location. You can read all about it's history when visiting the park and looking for the historic park markers.
Fort Hunter Mansion and Park - Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Fort Hunter Mansion and Park - Harrisburg Pennsylvania

In this section of the park you'll find a playground area for the kids, the second covered picnic pavilion, separate picnic table areas, public restrooms, walking trails and paths and a ball field that you can enjoy. On the day that we were there, we noticed a little dog-walking path that runs behind this section and up on a hill. One of the things we loved about this side of the park is all of the LARGE old trees which provide you with plenty of shaded areas.

Fort Hunter Mansion is open May through December for guided tours and scheduled events. You will have to pay an admission fee for the tour. The Fort Hunter Park is open year-round and is FREE for visitors to enjoy. If you want to explore the park, I suggest that you head to their little Welcome Center and Map station which lays it all out nicely for you. Seriously, it's really easy to get around!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Exploring Albuquerque, NM on a Budget

The state of New Mexico offers gorgeous terrain and many natural landmarks. Perhaps the most attractive sites are in the most populous city, Albuquerque. You want to visit here at some point, but you understandably worry about the cost. Here's a guide on exploring Albuquerque on a budget.

Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum
Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum

Image via Flickr by Bryan Ledgard

One of the great museums in the city celebrates one of Albuquerque's signature hobbies. The citizens and tourists here love balloons. The city hosts the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta each year. It's a nine-day event that features more than 500 balloons.

A simple rule determines the winner of the event. It's the balloon that travels farthest. Some prior champions have flown so far that they reached Canada and the Atlantic Ocean! The museum features some previous winners and architectural marvels in the field of balloon construction. Anyone who travels to Albuquerque should visit the museum. Also, you should add the balloon exhibition to your vacation bucket list.

Tingley Beach

The Rio Grande evokes plenty of visions about scenic waterways and the natural beaches that surround them. Tingley Beach is one of the best places to enjoy the scenery. This recreational area is on the east side of the Rio Grande.

Originally, the waterway was Conservancy Beach. During the 1950s, the local government closed the beach to swimmers and made it a prime area for fishing. Tingley Beach is also part of a larger man-made area, Albuquerque Biological Park.

ABQ BioPark

The biological park that locals call ABQ BioPark is a huge facility. It has a 285,000-gallon aquarium, a 36-acre botanic garden, and a 64-acre zoo. With 1.5 million visitors per year, it's also the most popular tourist attraction in New Mexico. You can spend several days at this one place, and you won't spend a lot of money, either.

Zoo tickets are $14.50 for adults and $6 for children. The aquarium is the same, but you can save money by buying a joint ticket. This provides admission to both the zoo and the aquarium at a rate of $22 for adults and $8 for children. Also note that kids age 2 and under can enter free of charge. You can save even more by finding a cheap hotel room close to ABQ BioPark. By staying near the facility, you won't have to rent a car or use a ride-sharing service.

National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Are you interested in learning about the history of nuclear weapons development? One of the best places in the world to learn this story is this museum. The open deserts of New Mexico were where the government performed many of its early nuclear tests. The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History chronicles this era with facts and artifacts.

The facility offers displays from the Cold War. It also shows current and future applications of nuclear science, making it an educational opportunity for parents. For a cost of $12 or less, you can spend a day exploring this Smithsonian Institute-affiliated facility.

As you can see, you'll find plenty to do in Albuquerque. Better yet, a lot of it is cheap enough that you'll have an affordable trip!