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Thursday, April 27, 2017

BYBLight Portable Camping Lantern

BYBLight Portable Camping Lantern
My family loves being outdoors. We spend a lot of time hiking, walking, going camping, boating, fishing, hunting and all sorts of other things that families typically enjoy in the great big outdoors! Luckily for us, we live in an area of the country that we can typically enjoy outdoor activities for 7 months out of the year.

Over the years we've reviewed quite a few different camping lanterns and in our opinion, you can never have enough! They're great for outdoor people like us...but they are a must-have item for every home in the world. Why you might ask? Well, during power failures and emergencies using a portable camping lantern is a LOT safer than burning candles! Think about all of those summertime thunderstorms and wintertime blizzards & ice storms when you lost electrical power for several hours or even days at a time! Having a variety of battery-operated lanterns on-hand is a must for everyone!

Recently we received the BYBLight Portable Camping Lantern to review for all of you. This lantern features 300 Lumen and is water-resistant. One of the things I appreciate about this particular camping lantern is that it's light-weight and super compact in it's size. It's great for travelers who don't have a lot of extra space available to them and great for apartment dwellers and RV'ers too!

It features the latest in COB technology and specular reflection design. It's small in size, but gives off super bright and powerful light! It can be used indoors and/or outdoors. When not in collapses down to a very compact size for storage.

When you want to use the lantern you simply pop it open. If you open it the full way get the brightest light. You can open it up halfway and get less-bright light. There are two metal carrying handles which double as hanging hooks so you can hang it up while using it. In other words, you can carry the lantern, sit it on a table-top or hang it up from a hook or tree limb.

I think it makes a great gift for anyone and if you love to go camping, hiking or just love to spend time outdoors, this portable lantern is for you!

Disclosure: Shelly and Sam received a complimentary lantern from the sponsor of this post. No monetary compensation was received. Regardless of receiving a complimentary item, their thoughts, words and opinions on this product are 100% honest & unbiased. Your thoughts and opinions may differ. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

LEGO Convention at Philly Brick Fest 2017

LEGO Convention at Philly Brick Fest 2017
As a child, I can remember playing with LEGO building blocks with my brother. He had hundreds upon hundreds of those building blocks and had them all neatly organized by size, shape and color. He would sit for hours at a time building different things and some of the things he built were pretty incredible. I think for most of us, we can remember playing with LEGO'S as a child.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to attend Philly Brick Fest LIVE 2017 which is a LEGO Convention that was held over 4 days. This convention and event attracts thousands of visitors from all over the area. We met people there who were visiting from Florida and another family that made the drive from Chicago, just so they could attend.
LEGO Convention at Philly Brick Fest 2017

The convention features LEGO builders from all over the world! These fans and artists build some of the most incredible things with the LEGO building blocks, things that you just have to see to believe! You'll see huge displays of famous buildings and interactive displays where you and the kids can get involved. Some of the exhibits are on the smaller side, but most are quite large and extensive.
LEGO Convention at Philly Brick Fest 2017

Some of the life-sized models are really incredible to see and they do draw large crowds of fans. What's really cool is that the artists and designers are on-hand and you can ask them questions and listen to their presentations to find out how they came up with the design and how long it took to build it. It's got to be some tedious, and time-consuming work!

You'll find some really huge displays that feature some of your favorite and popular movie characters: Jurassic World, Star Wars and Back to the Future to name just a few.
LEGO Convention at Philly Brick Fest 2017

There is a LEGO gaming area where you can challenge a friend or family member to a fun game and a mini golf course that will surely excite the children...there is a LOT to see and do at Philly Brick Fest! Looking to buy? There are all kinds of different LEGO shopping opportunities!

This was our first time attending a LEGO convention and we had a great time! We would love to visit another Brick Fest next year too! From now through the end of October 2017 you can find the Brick Fest being held in different areas of the country: Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Charlotte, Houston, Sacramento, Austin, Scottsdale, Baltimore and more!
LEGO Convention at Philly Brick Fest 2017

If the convention comes to a location near you, we highly recommend that you take the family and go! It makes for a great afternoon and when planning your visit...I do recommend that you block off at least 2 hours of time, so that you can see and do many of the activities that they have to offer. You can find out more information and obtain their touring schedule by visiting the Brick Fest Live LEGO fan website online.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Top 5 Best Tennis Events to Attend in 2017

The Top 5 Best Tennis Events to Attend in 2017
Sports lovers are loyal followers and will travel to attend their favorite tournament or game. It is not uncommon for people to save their money for years to attend the Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA Finals for example. For tennis lovers, there are many events and tournaments that make it to the top of bucket lists. This article will share 5 of the most popular tennis events that one must attend in 2017 if they are truly a tennis connoisseur.

The US Open

This tennis match is an annual event that takes place on the last Monday in August in New York City. The tournament lasts for two weeks and consists of five event championships; men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles to name a few. There are also special tournaments for seniors, juniors, and wheelchair players. This tournament is one of the oldest in the world with the first match taking place in 1881. Since 1987, the US Open has been the third of four final tennis major tournaments that make up the Grand Slam. The other tournaments in this series are the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon.

The French Open

Otherwise known as the Roland Garros, named after a famous French aviator, the French Open is a major tennis tournament that takes places over a two week period in late May and early June. The tournament takes place at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France on clay courts. This tournament is the second of four annual tournaments in the Grand Slam. It is important to note that out of the four tournaments, the Roland Garros is the only one to take place on clay courts. Out of all the tournaments, this one is considered to be the most physically demanding in the world. This is due to the slow-playing surface of the clay and the five-set men’s singles matches that take place without a tiebreak in the final set.


The Championships, also known as Wimbledon is the oldest of all tennis tournaments in the world. Also known as the most prestigious tournament, tennis lovers and regular tourists also flock to the famous stadium year round to get a look at the historic place. With many Wimbledon travel package options, it is easy to plan your experience.

This tournament has been held in Wimbledon, London since 1877 and is played outdoors on grass courts. This is also one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments that take place annually. Wimbledon takes place in late June and early July. In true british form, the tournament has strict traditions such as dress code for competitors as well as Royal spectators in attendance.

Australian Open

This tournament is held annually in two weeks in late January in Melbourne, Australia. One of the oldest tournaments, with the first starting in 1905, this set of matches is the first of four in the Grand Slam. This match consistently has very high attendance records, occasionally attracting more spectators than the US Open. The first of the tournaments to offer indoor playing should the weather be bad, the matches can take place on courts inside or outside due to the retractable roofing system at the arena.

Fed Cup

While not one of the popular Grand Slam tournaments, the Fed Cup is still very popular among tennis fans and attracts a great deal of people annually. Well known as the best tournament for women, there are also men’s tournaments now as well.