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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Historic Guided Church Tours in Gettysburg

Historic Guided Church Tours in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Heading to Gettysburg to tour the battlefield and visit the area's tourist attractions? Looking to learn even more about the American Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg? If so, you'll want to take a Guided Church Tour while you're there!

Historic Church Tours of Gettysburg offers guided tours during the months of June, July and August. They offer scheduled tours, but if you're a group and looking for a group tour...they offer those too! The tours are only offered on Wednesdays, departing from the Gettysburg Presbyterian Church at 6 PM. You'll want to arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time to purchase your tickets.

Gettysburg Presbyterian Church
Corner of Baltimore and High Streets
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Prince of Peace Episcopal Church in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Each tour lasts for approximately 2 hours and you'll be doing a lot of walking. Please dress appropriately for the current weather conditions and wear comfortable walking shoes. The tours run rain or shine!

You'll be walking a mapped out route and visiting local churches. At each participating church you'll spend about 20 minutes listening to a story about the church and the role that it played in the American Civil War (before, during and/or after) or how the church was utilized by the local community. Inside each church you'll have the opportunity to sit down during the presentation, so you will be able to "rest" along the way.

You can visit the company's official website to learn more about the tours, the mapped route that you'll be taking and to get additional information. No visit to Gettysburg is complete without visiting these historical churches and learning about their history and the role that they played during the American Civil War.

Friday, May 17, 2019

How to Avoid Medical Illnesses While Traveling

How to Avoid Medical Illnesses While Traveling
The Memorial Day holiday weekend kicks off the summer travel season from many of us in the United States. For my family personally, it's our first trip of the season and we're looking forward to relaxing on the beach.

Today we're sharing a guest post article with all of you from Dr. Niket Sonpal with some timely travel tips. Let's face one wants to get sick while traveling or immediately upon returning home.

How to Avoid Illness and Other Medical Consequences While Traveling on Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. According to AAA, more than 41.5 million Americans will travel this Memorial Day weekend by car, plane, or train. Nothing ruins a long-awaited vacation faster than getting sick or being in medical distress. We turned to Dr. Niket Sonpal, an NYC internist and gastroenterologist for some tips on how to avoid health consequences will traveling.

Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) occurs when a blood clot (thrombus) forms in one or more of the deep veins in your body, usually in your legs. Deep vein thrombosis can cause leg pain or swelling, but also can occur with no symptoms. For travelers, this can happen on long haul trips where you are not moving. Dr. Sonpal recommends if you are flying or on a train, to move around the cabin to get the blood flowing in your legs. If you are driving, take a break at a rest stop and walk around. Compression socks are also another option to prevent DVT.
How to Avoid Medical Illnesses While Traveling

Don’t Get Nauseous

People can experience motion sickness on virtually any mode of transportation. To combat this, Dr. Sonpal suggests Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals, Dramamine®'s first non-drowsy formulation. It contains the clinically tested ginger dosage required for preventing and treating motion sickness. Other sources of ginger, including candies, gums, or ginger ale, may not contain a full clinical dose. For someone who is already experiencing nausea while traveling, it is a good idea to keep Emetrol on hand which is an over the counter nausea medication that does not cause drowsiness.

Avoid Bloating on a Plane

If you get gassy on a plane, you’re not alone! Dr. Sonpal explains that “as the pressure around you decreases, the gas in your belly isn’t constrained as much and it expands. This can make you feel bloated or become distended.” It is essential to avoid foods that cause gas or have salt. Skip the tomato juice in flight and stick with non-carbonated water. Avoid alcohol, cruciferous vegetables, dairy and high sodium snacks such as salted peanuts or pretzels. Foods that are protein packed, magnesium-rich and high in Vitamin C are good options.

Sanitize Your Surfaces

Planes and trains are a breeding ground for illness. The former is awful due to re-circulated air. Most travelers would be appalled if they really knew how germy their tray tables are! Dr. Sonpal suggests sanitizing wipes for your tray table, seat belt clip and hand rests of your seats on planes and trains. When you exit a restroom on a plane or train and touch the door handles, be sure to use hand sanitizer even if you already washed your hands.
How to Avoid Medical Illnesses While Traveling

Get Your Shots Before Traveling Abroad!

Before you even book your trip, make sure you’re up to date on your shots. If you’re traveling to an area where you’re at risk for picking up an illness like malaria, you might be prescribed preventative medication. Dr. Sonpal suggests that “people should use the CDC website for recommended vaccines for travel abroad or see a travel clinic. The health risks posed to Americans vary based on the country they are traveling to.”

Don’t Touch the Ice!

When traveling to a different country, most people are very cautious about only drinking bottled water. Many folks forget that ice is simply frozen water and put it into their soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. Contrary to what one might think, freezing water does not kill bacteria. The only way to be sure it is safe is if you boiled the water and then froze it.

Avoid Jet Lag

Even a relatively short time change from EST to PST (3 hours) can cause jet lag. With some international travel from the United States, the time difference can be as much as twelve hours. If you're traveling east, try going to bed one hour earlier each night for a few days before your departure. Go to bed one hour later for several nights if you're flying west. If possible, eat meals closer to the time you'll be eating them at your destination. Dr. Sonpal suggests that you set your watch to the new time before you leave. Once you reach your destination, try not to sleep until the local nighttime, no matter how tired you are.

How to Find a Reliable Physician if you are Traveling Abroad

The US embassy in your destination country can help you locate medical services and will notify your family and friends in the event of an emergency. When selecting a doctor, make sure that he or she can speak your language.

Dr. Niket Sonpal is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine and Clinical instructor at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn who specializes in Gastroenterology. He is a graduate of the Medical University of Silesia – Hope Medical Institute in Poland. After completing his residency in Internal Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, he was selected to be the 2013‐2014 Chief Resident at Lenox Hill Hospital–Northshore LIJ Health System. Dr. Sonpal has completed his Fellowship in Gastroenterology & Hepatology at Lenox Hill Hospital and continues his work in the field of medical student and resident test preparation. He now serves as the associate program director for the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Brookdale University medical center. You can learn more about Dr. Sonpal by visiting HERE.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Spending the Day at the Washington Street Mall in Cape May

The Washington Street Mall in Cape May, New Jersey
The Washington Street Mall is located in downtown Cape May, New Jersey. It's an outdoor mall with a red brick walkway and outdoor park benches. When shopping'll find jewelry stores, gift shops, souvenir stores, boutique clothing shops, a local Five & Dime, toy stores, fudge & candy stores, ice cream parlors and several really nice restaurants.

There is a lot to see and do at the mall, so I recommend allowing at least 3 hours in your schedule. You'll find metered (paid) parking nearby. If you're looking for free'll find that several blocks away. Often times the parking areas that surround the mall are full, so we typically park in a paid parking lot on the other side and walk the 2 blocks.
The Washington Street Mall in Cape May, New Jersey

The Washington Street Mall in Cape May, New Jersey

You'll be doing a lot of outdoor walking so dress appropriately and wear comfortable walking shoes. If they're calling for rain, bring your umbrella too! You'll find (free) open to the public restrooms located in 2 different locations. The retail stores don't allow the public to use their restrooms, so check out the "posted" mall map to find their locations. A few of the on-site restaurants offer restrooms to their patrons too.
Delaney's Irish Pub & Grill in Cape May, New Jersey

The mall is open year-round and one of the things I really enjoy is that they decorate the mall according to the season. During the spring & summer you'll see beautiful floral displays, during the fall you'll see cornstalks, pumpkins & autumn decor. During the Christmas holiday season they go way out and decorate with beautiful lights, trees, wreaths, etc.
S. S. Cape May Ship's Bell at The Washington Street Mall in Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May Town Clock in Cape May, New Jersey

A few things to look for during your visit. Head down the center walkway to see the historic S. S. Cape May Ship's Bell and historical marker. Right across the street from the ship's bell you'll see an old historic church that's been there for over a century and is still in operation today. If you're waymarking you'll find the town's historic town clock standing in the middle of the mall. My grandchildren like to toss pennies into their beautiful water fountain too! Like I said, a lot to see and do!

The photographs that I'm sharing in my post today were taken over 3 different visits during 3 different times of the year. I wanted to give you a good overall "feel" of the stores that are there, along with how beautiful Washington Street Mall is to visit. A definite must-see when visiting the Cape May area in New Jersey.