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Monday, July 24, 2017

The Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia

Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia
The words of the Declaration of Independence changed the world. The effects of this revolutionary document continue to reverberate today, inspiring more than 100 similar declarations of human rights and self-government around the world.

“The American Revolution is one of the greatest stories in human history and Philadelphia was its headquarters – the command center – where so many iconic moments took place,” said Michael Quinn, Museum President and CEO. “There is no better place to celebrate the birth of our nation and learn the inspiring – and often surprising – stories behind how it came to be.”
Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia

Highlights of the Museum of the American Revolution exhibits include a gallery dedicated to the Declaration of Independence, which features two printings of the Declaration, including a German newspaper printing that is on loan from Gettysburg College, and a Massachusetts broadside, on loan from a private lender. Also in the Museum’s collection, but not currently on display, is the first newspaper printing of the Declaration, which ran in the Pennsylvania Evening Post of July 6, 1776.

In a mini-theater that evokes the inside of Independence Hall, visitors will find themselves amid the unfolding debate and decision-making that took place in the weeks leading up to the adoption of the Declaration during a short film entitled “The Authors of Independence.” Through an interactive touchscreen installation, visitors will learn about the 88 local declarations of support for independence that preceded the one issued by the Continental Congress. The gallery also features a wall that explores what “the promise of equality” meant for all people, including women, enslaved people, and laboring men.
Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia

After exploring the Museum’s exhibits, visitors can ponder the question “Would I have joined the mob to pull down the statue of King George in 1776?” Visitors will cast their vote to see where they stand among other visitors.

In the Museum’s outdoor plaza, powerful words from the Declaration are emblazoned in limestone on the Museum’s exterior wall. On the northern side of the building, a large bronze sculptural panel of John Trumbull’s iconic painting “The Declaration of Independence” depicts the presentation of the Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress by the drafting committee, which included Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.
Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia

You'll find the Museum of the American Revolution located at 101 South Third Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you need a zip code for your GPS it's 19106. Admission is $12.00 for adults and $10.00 for children. During the summertime they're open daily from 9:30 AM to 7 PM. Their hours change throughout the season, so please check out their website for the most current & up-to-date schedule and information.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

5 Unique Activities to Try While Traveling

5 Unique Activities to Try While Traveling
Traveling can be a lot of fun and can make memories that last a lifetime. Often times while people are traveling, they will try things that they may not otherwise give a shot. Sometimes while on holiday, you are in a better mood, you are more relaxed, and you likely feel more adventurous than when you are at home in your daily surroundings. If you are a Travel Freak then you likely know what we are talking. However, if you are new to traveling or you are so caught up in the details of your trip that you forget to let loose and try new things, we have some ideas for you! Next time you travel, consider trying out some unique activities. We have a created a great list of ideas for you to choose from.

1. Skydiving. If you have never gone skydiving but have always wanted to give it a try, why not make it extra special and go while on vacation? Skydiving can give you the opportunity to see the landscape of the place you are visiting. Not to mention, skydiving will give you an exhilarating experience and cause a great adrenaline rush. Next time you go on holiday, be sure to check out the local skydiving options. Because it is a touristy area, you will likely be able to find promotions and get the experience for a good price. Don’t forget to follow the instructor’s tips and be sure to purchase the photograph at the end of the experience!

2. Try a new cuisine. If you are traveling to a new country or a place that offers cuisine that you are not accustomed to, give it a try. You will be amazed at the flavors and combinations that can be put together in food. While some food may not sound appetizing, give it a try and you could surprise yourself. For example, if you are not keen on latin food but are invited to try some hot tamales, give it a go. You may find that tamales are incredibly delicious!

3. Helicopter ride. If you are not thrilled about the idea of skydiving but you still would like to see the city from the sky, consider taking a helicopter ride. Most experiences last about an hour or more. Some last a few hours depending on how long of a tour you take. If you are planning a romantic evening, take a ride at night so you can see everything lit up. If you are interested in seeing the city during the day, there are helicopter rides available then as well. Because this type of experience can be quite popular, you will want to book early to make sure that you get a space. If you are visiting Las Vegas, be sure to take a helicopter ride. The experience provides a great view of not only all the casinos but also the great landmarks around the city.

4. Jet skiing. If you enjoy playing in the water, consider renting a jet ski. Typically you can rent a jet ski for 1, 2 or 4 people. While it is fun to ride with others, you may enjoy going at faster speeds while riding solo.

5. Zip lining. Many vacation destinations now offer zip lining through the forest or across a lovely body of water. This experience is exhilarating but depending on the type of zip line you choose to do, it may also include a challenge course to get to each zip line. Be sure to check out all that is included in the experience so that you can avoid any surprises upon arrival.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Food Truck Friday at the Colonial Park Mall

Food Truck Friday at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Looking for something to do the first Friday of every month? If so, check out Food Truck Friday at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg. The Food Truck Fest is held the first Friday of every month from 5 PM to 9 PM.

The Colonial Park Mall is located right off Colonial Road and Jonestown Road (route 22) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Once there, you'll want to head to one of their flagship stores called Boscov's. The foodie fest is held in the large parking lot right in front of Boscovs. Admission and parking is FREE.
Food Truck Friday at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Food Truck Friday at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

We attended in June and had a great time, so we went back again on Friday July 7th. In June they had a few more trucks and the crowd was a little bigger, but this time around a nasty thunderstorm rolled through just as it was opening. The rain lasted about 30 minutes and then the sun came out shining!

On this particular Friday they had 6 food trucks and a pork barbecue pit. There is a large seating area with tables & chairs, so you can sit down to eat there or grab your goodies to go. There is a small stage near the seating area and they had some live entertainment going on. I can't remember the name of the singer, but he was actually pretty good!
Food Truck Friday at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Food Truck Friday at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

There is an area set up in the parking lot with outdoor games and activities (free) for the children to do. It's a great way for them to burn off some energy and to make some new friends. Please note, if your kids are going to play in this area, you need to be nearby and keeping an eye on them. It's not a drop-off babysitting service!

Nearby we saw two Lower Paxton Police Officers and one of them was a K-9 Officer who brought along his K-9 partner. He gave a little demonstration on all of things his dog can do and some of the commands that he listens to. The adults and the kids really enjoyed speaking with the officer and meeting his K-9 partner. I love seeing the police out and about in our community doing fun things with members in that community.
Food Truck Friday at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

My family was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food was! We got grilled chicken sandwiches and French fries from The Chicken Truck and our grandchildren had tie-dye icees from the ice cream truck. Prices weren't too bad. Four of us were able to get something to eat and drink for around $28.00.

You'll want to mark your calendars for the first Friday every month and make plans to visit the Food Truck Friday at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Fun for the entire family to enjoy, while getting out & about in your local community.