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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Grand Turk Historic Lighthouse on Grand Turk Island

Grand Turk Historic Lighthouse

The Grand Turk Historic Lighthouse was built in 1852 by the British to alert ships of the shallow reef that sits nearby. It stands 60 feet tall and overlooks North Creek. The lighthouse and the keeper's house are both listed as an historic site. 

It's still in operation today but powered by electricity to help guide ships who are passing by. The light extends for 18 nautical miles. Today it's managed and operated by the Turks and Caicos National Trust. Due to safety concerns...the public can't tour the inside of the lighthouse but are free to walk around the grounds that surround it. 

Grand Turk Historic Lighthouse

The Turks and Caicos Museum houses various items, including the Frensel Lens from the lighthouse. If you would like to learn more about the lighthouse history or history of the'll want to pay the museum a visit while you're there. 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Philly Beerathon 5K + Beer Fest on May 11th

Philly Beerathon 5K + Beer Fest on May 11th

The first ever Beerathon 5K + Beer Fest - a one of a kind event focused on combining exercise and celebrating Pennsylvania based beer companies and beyond, is coming to Philly. Beerathon will take place Saturday, May 11, 2024 at The Navy Yard  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and be composed of two parts: A 5k timed run and beer fest to follow.

Born out of training injuries that sidelined a group of friends from competing in the New York City marathon, they pivoted to something they were also good at: drinking beers. So, in 2011, in New York City, the Beerathon was born. A 26 bar, 26 beer adventure that captured the imaginations of beer lovers around the world. Now, over a decade of Beerathons around the country later, the newest challenge is born: Beers, Run, Ridiculous Fun, the Beerathon 5K + Beer Fest.


Beerathon kicks off with a totally doable 5K run (or walk) where participants will get that Runner’s High and earn a beer for each mile completed. After the race, patrons are invited to a ridiculously fun beer fest with an incredible list of curated beers, food trucks, live DJ and more on Marine Parade Grounds @ The Navy Yard.


Like beer more than running? Not ready to run or an old sports injury slowing you down? The Beerathon does not require any physical activity or participation in the 5K. Beer Fest Admission tickets are also available, separately. Choose your adventure: Beer Fest, 5K, or both! Beerathon is for everyone.

Tickets, event details and additional information can be found at: