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Saturday, September 14, 2019

A Fun Day Trip to Fort Indiantown Gap

Day Trip to Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania
Fort Indiantown Gap is located in Annville, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. It's an easy drive from Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Gettysburg and Hanover. We live near Harrisburg and it takes us about 30 minutes to get there via Interstate 81 and traffic. As with all day trips...we plan ahead! We packed up a few snacks, bottled water, sunscreen and wore our walking shoes.

* This travel feature is graphic intensive. Please allow all images to fully load before proceeding. If you double-click on each image it will open up in a new browsing window & in an enlarged size to allow you to see all details.
Indiantown Gap National Cemetery in Pennsylvania

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery in Pennsylvania

Our day trip started off with a visit to Indiantown Gap National Cemetery to visit my brother's grave and to pay our respects to the men and women buried there. You'll want to start off your visit at the administration office where you can obtain a little map to help guide you around the cemetery.

One thing you'll immediately notice is all of the American Flags that line both sides of the road. There are thousands of American Flags throughout the cemetery and its quite breathtaking to see. As you walk around you'll encounter several memorials and park benches that you can sit on. Its very peaceful and serene.
Pennsylvania Veteran's Memorial at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery in Pennsylvania

The most notable monument is the Pennsylvania Veteran's Memorial which is the tallest structure there. Once you walk up the steps and inside it you'll see several meditation pools, water fountains, trees and benches. They host ceremonies and events at the memorial throughout the year. It's an "open-air" memorial which means there's nothing to protect you from the weather.

As you move throughout the cemetery you'll notice the beautiful landscaping. There are several different type's of graves with some highly noticeable and others you don't see (flush to the ground) until you're walking by them. They take great care of the property and its a humbling experience every time we visit.
Funck's Family Restaurant in Annville Pennsylvania

Funck's Family Restaurant in Annville Pennsylvania

The next stop was to Funck's Family Restaurant to grab lunch. This was our first time dining there and it won't be our last. We were seated immediately upon arrival and handed our menus within minutes. They offer your classic American comfort foods like meatloaf, grilled chicken, roasted turkey, fish & seafood, wraps, hot & cold sandwiches, soups & salads, hamburgers, desserts, etc. Reminds me of a small town diner, but better!

Our meals arrived on our table within 30 minutes of placing our orders and everything was cooked to perfection. We were really impressed with the larger portions that we received and even better well everything tasted. The wait staff was attentive to our needs and the restaurant was extremely clean. We really enjoyed their family-friendly environment.
Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum at Fort Indiantown Gap

Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum at Fort Indiantown Gap

We headed down to Fisher Avenue so that we could see all of the military equipment and vehicles that they had on display. These outdoor exhibits are part of the Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum and are FREE to visit. You'll find two small parking lots where you can park your vehicle and get out and walk.

The Gratitude Merci Train Boxcar was the first exhibit that we checked out. We had never heard of the Merci Train, so it was really cool to learn about it. It's one of 49 boxcars sent to the United States from the citizens of France in 1949. The plaque located there will give you all kinds of fascinating information about it.
Gratitude Merci Train Boxcar at Indiantown Gap Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum at Fort Indiantown Gap

We continued walking down the designated area alongside the road to check out the other exhibits. We saw a few different howitzers, a military truck, several different type's of military tanks and helicopters. Next to each one you'll find a plaque that will give you specific information about it. It was really cool to see these things up close and personal. Your permitted to photograph them but you can't climb in or on them. Please be respectful.
Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum at Fort Indiantown Gap

You'll want to cross the street in the designated crosswalk to go see the large military plane that is on display. There's an information plaque for you to read but better yet...a listening station where you can push the buttons and hear the recorded information about the history of the plane. We spent a good 10-12 minutes reading and listening to the story before moving on.
Pennsylvania National Guard Training Center Fort Indiantown Gap

Pennsylvania National Guard Training Center Fort Indiantown Gap

Located nearby you'll see the Pennsylvania National Guard Training Center and on the day that we were visiting we could see the National Guard Members outside working on their physical fitness. There's a park bench nearby, so we sat down for about 10 minutes just observing them. Those men and women work so hard and its important that we thank them for their service when we see them.

One thing that you'll notice when visiting Fort Indiantown Gap is that its a small town...only a couple of hundred people live there. It's a "small" military town and those that live there are patriotic and proud. Even though its a small town, it's jam-packed with history!
Fort Indiantown Gap Post Locator in Pennsylvania

Fort Indiantown Gap Post Locator in Pennsylvania

Not sure where you are or where you want to go? Stop in to the Fort Indiantown Gap Post Locator to see an area map with marked-off attractions, area information, etc. Right up the street from this one was the Fire Station if you need additional information too. Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful.

Right down the road (within a few miles) you'll find the entrance to Memorial Lake State Park where you'll find picnic grounds, a lake that offers fishing and small boating, a playground for the kids, public restrooms, hiking and walking trails, etc. We had visited the park before but skipped it on this particular visit. You can check out our Memorial Lake State Park post to learn more about it.
Indiantown Gap Water Tower in Annville Pennsylvania

We spent a total of 6 1/2 hours in Fort Indiantown Gap and really enjoyed our little day trip. The best part about our trip is that visiting the Indiantown Gap National Cemetery and the Pennsylvania National Guard Museum are 100% free. If you decide to visit Memorial Lake State Park, that's free too! A great day trip for families who don't want to spend a lot of money and for those who enjoy learning about American and Pennsylvania military history.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Hotel Anglesea Historical Marker in North Wildwood

Hotel Anglesea Historical Marker in North Wildwood New Jersey
Last summer we spent a wonderful 2 weeks on vacation down in North Wildwood, New Jersey. Every year we go down several times to get away from the big city and to relax on the white sandy beaches. New Jersey has a lot of beautiful beaches, but in our honest opinion, North Wildwood is the prettiest place to go.

We were up walking on the North Wildwood Seawall one day and we noticed this new historical marker (sign) and I snapped a photograph of it. It features information on the now defunct Hotel Anglesea which used to call this beautiful place home. Here is what it says.
Hotel Anglesea Historical Marker in North Wildwood New Jersey

Borough of Anglesea 1885-1906 - Hotel Anglesea

Built in 1880, the Hotel Anglesea stood 300 feet east of this marker and was the site of the first Borough Council Meeting on June 3, 1885. The Hotel was 150 feet long with 50 rooms, but just 2 stories high so to not obstruct the beacon of the nearby lighthouse. Plagued by financial difficulties throughout its short existence, the Hotel Anglesea was destroyed by fire on October 17th, 1895.

This historical marker was put up on the North Wildwood Seawall by the city of North Wildwood in New Jersey.
Hotel Anglesea Historical Marker in North Wildwood New Jersey

My first photo in this travel feature & blog post features a photograph of the historical marker up on the seawall. If you look past that marker, you'll see the view that is in my second photograph. This area is the prettiest area on the entire Wildwood island. Yes, Wildwood is indeed a barrier island! If you would love to learn more about the historic Hotel Anglesea, you can do a search via Google and find a lot of information online.

Note: All photos in this travel blog post are clickable. Click on each one to have it automatically open up in a new window which will allow you to see it in an enlarged size.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Best Mexican Restaurant in North Wildwood - Tacos & Tequila

Love Mexican cuisine? Heading to the Jersey Shore, more specifically the Wildwood, Stone Harbor, and Cape May areas? If so, you'll want to check out Tacos & Tequila restaurant and bar. In our honest opinion, they offer the best Mexican food on the entire Wildwood island.

You'll find the restaurant located at 201 Olde New Jersey Avenue in North Wildwood. There is free and paid meter parking nearby. If you're unfamiliar with the area, they're located just a short walk off of the North Wildwood Seawall and in the business district in North Wildwood, where you'll find a ton of restaurants and bars nearby. 
Tacos & Tequila Mexican Restaurant in North Wildwood, New Jersey

They have an extensive restaurant menu and offer authentic Mexican cuisine. If you're traveling with children, you'll find some kid-friendly options on the menu too. Since they're a restaurant and bar, you'll find an extensive list of domestic, imported and craft beers, along with wine and hard liquor offerings too. Something for everyone.

If you're a fan of dining with music...they often have live music, DJ's and other entertainment going on...especially during the summer tourist season. If you want to avoid the noise and large crowds...I suggest dining a little earlier in the day and try to dine during weekdays. They can get incredibly crowded and busy during the weekends, especially during the dinnertime rush.
Tacos & Tequila Mexican Restaurant in North Wildwood, New Jersey

My wife and I are both fans of Mexican food and we're fans of outdoor street art and wall murals. On the side of their building you'll find this beautiful wall mural done in a traditional Mexican theme. Colorful and humorous at the same time. The wall mural was painted by one of our favorite mural companies MG Signs. Nice!!!

You'll find hundreds of different restaurants available when visiting the southern Jersey Shore area, but if you're looking for some of the best Mexican food at affordable prices, you'll want to visit Tacos & Tequila in North Wildwood.