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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Beautiful Hereford Inlet Park in North Wildwood

Hereford Inlet Park in North Wildwood, New Jersey
Hereford Inlet Park is a naturalized area located right on the beach in North Wildwood, New Jersey. The park is in memory of Louisa "Lou" Booth and is open year-round to visitors. If you're not familiar with the area, it's located about 1 block from the famous Hereford Inlet Lighthouse and is situated on the north end of the Wildwood island.

You can walk to the park from all of the hotels, motels, resorts and guest houses in the area. If you're looking for parking, you'll find a few "paid-metered" parking lots nearby and some FREE parking located along nearby streets. If you're walking the North Wildwood Seawall, you can't miss it!
Hereford Inlet Park in North Wildwood, New Jersey

During the summer tourist season they hold all kinds of different events there. You'll find music concerts held there (mainly during the months of late June, July and August), exercise classes (held on the stage) and other fun events that locals and tourists can participate in. Right in front of the stage you'll see a lot of wooden park-style benches that you can sit in to watch the performances or bring your own chairs.

Regarding public restrooms...we did spot a few portable potty's, but if you walk down the seawall a little bit you'll find a public restroom that has running water & comfort services. Please note...that restroom is ONLY open during the in-season and isn't always the cleanest. It sits right near the large paid-meter parking lot if you're looking for it.
Hereford Inlet Park in North Wildwood, New Jersey

The park is beautifully landscaped and has a few walking trails and benches that run through it and around it. Up on the North Wildwood Seawall they added a new wooden gazebo that has several benches underneath it where you can sit and see the Atlantic Ocean. You can just sit there and relax, bring along a little brown bag lunch, do some bird watching and/or people watching as they go by.

We love visiting Wildwood and if you're looking for the best ocean views and the best spot to do some dolphin watching, you'll want to head up to the North Wildwood Seawall for a stroll. In my honest opinion, this is the prettiest area on the entire island with some of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean.
Hereford Inlet & North Wildwood Seawall in New Jersey

If you're looking to hit the beach, the beach is totally FREE in Wildwood with no beach tags required! While the beach area isn't the widest sure is a LOT less crowded than other areas on the island. During the summer season you will find lifeguards and vendors who rent out beach chairs and beach umbrellas.

For dolphin watching, you'll want to head up to the gazebo that sits on the corner of the street. Sit on a bench and watch for the dolphins to go swimming by. Every time we visit the island and sit in that gazebo, we always catch a few glances of the dolphins swimming by. Sometimes you'll see them swimming pretty close to the shoreline too!

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