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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visiting the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg

The National Civil War Museum is located in Reservoir Park in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and overlooks the capital city. When you visit the museum you will find some breathtaking views of the city since the Museum sits high up on a hill. You can see for many miles and take in the beauty of our surrounding landscape.

The National Civil War Museum incorporates collections of artifacts, manuscripts, documents, photographs, and other printed matter that exceed 24,000 items. Although many items have been donated to The National Civil War Museum since its opening, the vast majority of its collections were acquired by the City of Harrisburg between 1994 and 1999 under the auspices of Mayor Stephen R. Reed.

The Museum sits on a big hilltop that overlooks the city and has beautiful landscaped groups with several statues and water fountains. One of my favorites is the pearl bisque cold cast porcelain statue known as the Moment of Mercy, created by sculptor Terry Jones.

Cameras are permitted in the museum as long as you don't use flash, however we couldn't get any good pictures without using our flash. The final photo was taken inside and shows a surgeon working on a wounded soldier doing a leg amputation. The exhibits are very realistic!

My husband and I spent 2 hours inside the museum and another hour outside of the museum walking the beautiful grounds. Admission is $8.00 for adults and $6.00 for children.

I highly recommend going to the National Civil War Museum at least once. Its affordable and highly educational. Make sure you stop into the Museum Gift Shop as they have some awesome and unique souvenirs!


Lukeither Willingham said...

Shelly, I really love reading about history. I also enjoy going to museums. I will put this on my list to take a family trip.

Thanks for sharing the pictures they are very life like.

Anita said...

You're right Shelly! My kids would love this museum and it is very affordable. I'll have to put this on my list as well. Thanks for sharing.