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Friday, July 4, 2008

Cape May Lighthouse In New Jersey and Concrete Wrecked Ship

Cape May Lighthouse In New Jersey
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A beautiful picture of the Cape May, NJ Lighthouse which sits at the Southern Tip of the New Jersey State. This rusty old anchor shown in the next photograph sites right outside of the Cape May Lighthouse Visitors Center.
Cape May Lighthouse In New Jersey

After you visit the Cape May Lighthouse, take the 5 minute drive over to Sunset Beach. You will find a few gift shops, a grill that serves some great lunches and the home of the Concrete Ship (or what remains of The Alantus). During World War 1, the government experimented making concrete ships.
Concrete Wrecked Ship - Sunset Beach and Cape May

That little bit that you see out in the water is all that remains right now. These photo's were taken in Cape May New Jersey in September 2007. As each year goes by, you see a little less of the ship sticking out of the water. Truly amazing to be following its progress as the years go by.

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Anita said...

What? No pictures of the beautiful victorian homes? We used to go to Cape May twice a year.

Long story short, my FIL's aunt and uncle used to have a motel in Wildwood, NJ and we used to go there twice a year. While we were there we always took the drive over to Cape May. (Miss that!)