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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Visiting Beautiful Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Amish Farm in Lancaster County Pennsylvania
Photo of Beautiful Farm outside Lancaster County
Have you ever visited beautiful Lancaster County Pennsylvania? If not, you are in for a real treat and a unique vacationing experience.

Lancaster County is home to a large population of Amish People where you can visit and tour an actual functioning Amish Farm, dine on Amish Food and shop for handmade goods all made by the Amish People. One of our favorite things to do when visiting Lancaster County is to take an Amish Buggy Ride throughout the countryside. On these tours you can see the Amish people working on the farms and taking care of their homesteads.
Rockvale Diner in Lancaster Pennsylvania
Rockvale Diner in Lancaster Pennsylvania
Lancaster is home to the world famous Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park which is totally geared towards children. While the rides are mainly for children, you'll also find some adult rides and the Duke's Lagoon Waterpark there too.

If you are looking for great food, we would like to recommend the Rockvale Diner. Yes, a diner! It's located right on the Rockvale Outlet Store's property. You can do your shopping and sightseeing tours and then head to the diner for a bite to eat. Unlike most "other" diners in the area, this one has great food and it's affordable! Plus, super family-friendly too!
Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster Pennsylvania
Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster Pennsylvania
If shopping is your thing, you've got to visit the Lancaster Outlet Malls! There are over 200 outlet stores, so there is something for everyone and every budget.

Rockvale Outlets
Tanger Outlets

In the coming months, I'll be blogging more on Lancaster County and the places that we have personally visited along with some photo's that I have taken along the way. You'll be able to find all of my Lancaster County and Amish travel features under our Pennsylvania category right here on the blog. You can also check out our Lancaster Pennsylvania Pinterest boards too!

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