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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Beautiful Sunrises In North Wildwood New Jersey

Beautiful Sunrises In North Wildwood New Jersey
Do you love watching the sun rise up over the Atlantic Ocean? Are you looking for a Jersey Shore destination that has some of the prettiest sunrises I have ever seen? If so, you have to consider North Wildwood, New Jersey as your Jersey Shore destination!

I took this beautiful photograph of the sun coming up over the Atlantic Ocean back in September 2009 from the sundeck of the Aloha Hotel in North Wildwood. The Aloha is my family's favorite North Wildwood Hotel and we stay there every year.
Beautiful Sunrises In North Wildwood New Jersey

For me...I love getting up at 7am, grabbing my cup of coffee and heading out to the sundeck to watch the sun rise up magically over the ocean. I find it so peaceful and magical and I love watching the sun's colors dance on the water.

If sunsets are your can drive to the other side of the island and catch beautiful sunsets there or at one of the dockside dining facilities. Better yet, get into your car and drive 15 minutes south to Cape May and head to Sunset Beach...that's the absolute BEST place in the entire state of New Jersey to see some gorgeous sunsets!

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