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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Beautiful Sites & Fun Things To Do in Naples Florida

I love the west coast of Florida so much better than here on the east side!
Naples has a lot to offer those who want to kick back, enjoy the serene (and clean) beaches, play golf, visit the Naples Zoo, grab a movie outside at Movies in the Park, shop on Fifth Avenue, visit Tin City or go out for a boat ride. There's really something for everyone to do.

The Naples Zoo in Florida

Naples Zoo is conveniently located in Naples and gives you and the family something to do for a few hours. We visited in summer when it was hitting record highs, thus most of the animals were no where to be seen. I'd suggest getting there early if you go in summer time so it won't be brutally hot and humid. If you visit any other time of the year, enjoy! You probably need three to four hours to walk through the entire zoo and enjoy the boat ride and shows. They do make efforts in being green and provide recycling bins and make other steps in being eco friendly so that was a plus.

Not far from the zoo is Tin City. In the 1920s, the tin roofed buildings located there allowed this area to thrive with fishing, clam shelling, boat construction. In the 1970s, some of the Tin City's original buildings were transformed into what you find there today a colorful mix of charming shops, boutiques and restaurants.
The Beautiful Sites & Fun Things To Do in Naples Florida

The beach just west of Tin City is so serene and calm. The water is crystal clear to where you can see little crabs, fish swimming around you, shells to collect, starfish crawling around too.

The sand is free of debris and is welcoming your bare feet to venture off to walk to the Naples Pier. I love the beach in Naples, and would prefer driving an hour+ to go the gulf side of FL than to drive 30-45 mins east to the Atlantic Beach side to visit my local beaches...that's how wondrous the beach and water is there!

You can go shopping and exploring all the boutiques, art galleries on and near Fifth Avenue. Once you're done shopping, grab your chair or towel and enjoy Movies in the Park right around the corner from Fifth Avenue at Cambier Park on Saturday Nights, and to end your night you can enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beach.

This post was written by Guest Blogger Tara Burner.

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