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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Las Vegas Travel Tips and Cheap Deals

Las Vegas Travel Tips and Cheap Deals
If you are considering a vacation to Las Vegas, it is important to realize that the city of Las Vegas has much more to offer than just casinos. No longer known for just gambling, Las Vegas has fashioned itself into an all around tourist destination. Today, the streets of Las Vegas are filled with business people, families, honey moon couples and even senior citizen tour groups.

If you go to Las Vegas and spend all of your time in the casinos, you will be missing out on a lot that the area has to offer. There are many tours available for you to choose from to ensure that you see all of the areas treasures.

Grand Canyon

Las Vegas offers several choices of tours of the Grand Canyon. You won't see a more spectacular view than at the Grand Canyon! To go to Las Vegas, and not tour the Grand Canyon would be like going to New York City and not viewing the Statue of Liberty! Your vacation to Las Vegas simply would not be complete without a tour of the Grand Canyon. Many of the Grand Canyon tours include a bonus stop at the Hoover Dam. Or the vacationer can choose to take separate tours of the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam to ensure that they have plenty of time to enjoy the wonders of each of them.

While in Las Vegas, be sure to check out the Bonnie & Clyde Getaway Car! This display, located at Primm Valley Resort & Casino not only includes the original car that the infamous robber couple of the 1930s died in, but also several other things which once belonged to Bonnie and Clyde.
Bellagio Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas Nevada


Another place you may wish to visit while enjoying your Vegas vacation is the Conservatory at Bellagio. Crafted by a team of 100 horticulturalists, the Bellagio's conservatory features elegant, elaborate arrangements of plants and flowers in its bright, airy atrium. This is a wonderful attraction that the whole family can enjoy!

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Who wouldn't love to visit the Ethel M Chocolate Factory? Ethel M Chocolates caters to the sweet tooth in us all! Located just seven miles from the Las Vegas Strip, the free admission entices many visitors to the factory. At the candy factory you will get a behind the scenes look at the candy making process as well as the opportunity to do some sampling!
Las Vegas Travel Tips and Cheap Deals


The Fountains at Bellagio are a must see Las Vegas free attraction. In the early evening hours, a water and music show plays again and again in the incredible fountains filling the quarter mile long lake located in front of the Bellagio. Another wonderful fountain display can be found at the Fountain shows at Caesars. No civilization has ever put on a greater spectacle than ancient Rome, and now visitors to Las Vegas have a chance to witness the glory for themselves at the Caesars Palace's fountain shows.

The Las Vegas Strip does have some of the best casinos in the world, and you definitely want to check them out while you are there. However, it is important to remember that your Las Vegas vacation can include so much more than just spending time at the casinos!

Cheap Las Vegas?

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