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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Orlando Hotels - Services and Amenities That Matter the Most

Welcome to Disney World in Orlando Florida
You have probably waited for the right moment to bring your family or group of friends here in Orlando Florida. And it is such a fine place to pick because Orlando is home to Universal Studios Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. But for that perfect stay, it is necessary that you find the right accommodations among the many Orlando Hotels in the area.

Making a choice is often difficult especially if this is your first time in Orlando. But if you know what features and amenities to look for, it will be a lot easier. So to help you find the best among the Orlando hotels, here are the features that you need to look for:

Transportation services

Not all Orlando hotels offer such convenience; but because you came to Orlando specifically to visit the popular tourist attractions, it helps a lot if the hotel you are staying at offers free transportation to these destinations.

For example, the Terra Verde Resort Orlando Hotel and the Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista hotel both offers free shuttle services to the theme parks of Walt Disney World resort, nearby shopping sites, fine dining restaurants, and other popular destinations.

Entertainment facilities

Yes, you came to Orlando for the theme parks, shopping malls, and other attractions. However, there are hotels that actually have enough entertainment facilities that you hardly have to leave its premises just to have fun.

The Terra Verde Resort Orlando Hotel for example has an outdoor pool, a cyberspace, playing grounds for children, and fun-filled recreations for families and group of friends.
Walt Disney World at Christmas in Orlando Florida

Completeness of individual suites

Hotels usually share most of its facilities among the tenants. The swimming pool, for example, is a shared amenity. But when it comes to the quality of each individual suite and hotel room, each must also have all the necessities and luxuries.

Most suites offered by Orlando Hotels now have LCD TV set, DVD player, game consoles, cable connection, in-house DVD tapes, and other great amenities. It also helps to have a refrigerator, iron and ironing board, furniture, and others.

Quality of served food

Orlando hotels are also expected to serve nothing less than world class meals. After all, these hotels are renowned worldwide and that would be nothing without a great food service to match.
Say, for example, the infamous Radisson Worldgate hotel, which serves top class meals through its two in-house food courts. There is also the Terra Verde Resort Orlando Hotel which can arrange a catering service for large celebrations.
Disney World - Magic Kingdom in Orlando Florida

Proximity to favorite destination spots

Another feature you need to look for in a hotel is how far or how near it is to the destination sites you wish to visit. The last thing you want is to spend up to an hour just to get to Walt Disney World Resort or some other attraction you wish to see.

If proximity to the theme parks is what you are looking for, it will be a good idea to check in at one of Disney's good neighbor hotels. Also, you can go for official Walt Disney World hotels situated right inside Walt Disney.

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