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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best Place to Purchase Salt Water Taffy & Fudge in Wildwood New Jersey

The Original Fudge Kitchen in Wildwood New Jersey My husband and I visit North Wildwood and Wildwood, New Jersey a few times every year...we absolutely love the South Jersey beaches! When we are down at the Jersey Shore we always make sure we stock up on delicious tasting creamy fudge and salt water taffy and the best place to purchase both fudge & salt water taffy happens to be at the Fudge Kitchen!

The Fudge Kitchen has over 20+ different flavors of fudge that you can purchase and the fudge is freshly made daily! We love the chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, peanut butter, chocolate marshmallow and vanilla nut fudges and always purchase a 1/2 lb. of each flavor and we bring them home and freeze them (they freeze well!). We have tried fudge from various locations down in Wildwood but we always go back to the Fudge Kitchen as we feel theirs is the BEST in Wildwood!
The Original Fudge Kitchen in Wildwood New Jersey

In addition...we love salt water taffy and we have tried various brands while down in Wildwood and we always go back to purchase ours at the Fudge Kitchen! Their taffy is always soft and chewy and has a delicious flavor! We like to purchase our fudge & taffy when they are running their buy 2 lbs. of fudge and get a free box of salt water taffy deal. Plus, if you plan on frequently visiting them, join their fudge club (free) and you'll get a discount card so that you get $1.00 off each pound of fudge that you buy now and in the future!

If you are heading to Wildwood we highly recommend that you purchase some creamy fudge and salt water taffy from the Fudge Kitchen! Not sure if they're the best? Just ask them for a free sample and you'll be hooked!

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