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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Looking for the Perfect Honeymoon Spot?

Honeymoon in Fiji
My daughter has been talking about getting married in the next few years so she has been looking around for beautiful honeymoon spots and found this luscious all inclusive resort in Fiji! Oh my goodness, the photos are spectacular and the ammenities are amazing. This spot has to be the most beautiful place around and what a wonderful place for an awesome Fiji honeymoon.

Since romance is on the top of the list for my daughter and really, any bride, how can she not be drawn to the gorgeous resort that is geared to honeymoons, weddings and wonderful vacations in an amazingly beautiful place on earth? The resort is right on the beach with such sparkling blue water. So clean and crisp looking! What a perfect place to scuba dive and see the wonderful sea life.

The beaches look awesome and the activity list is long with plenty to keep you busy or you can opt for a lovely couples massage and relax by the pool. They even have gorgeous places for your own Fiji weddings should you want to hold your wedding at the resort. The place looks simply amazing.

My daughter is seriously considering holding her wedding at this amazing spot in Fiji and then staying on for a lovely honeymoon to kick off her new life with her new husband. What an amazing experience that would be! I think that it would be a wonderful vacation for my hubby and I to attend her wedding there and then send some of our own private time together in a gorgeous sea side resort.

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