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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Early February Snow in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Well, I guess groundhog Phil's predictions last week for Groundhog Day 2012 were correct! Last week he predicted 6 more weeks of winter here in Pennsylvania and yesterday (February 8th, 2012) we got about 2" of snow here in the Harrisburg area.

I am not much of a winter fan and not crazy about snow but at least it was only 2" this time around. What was really cool about this particular light snow fall was the fact that for about an hour we had "very large" snowflakes dropping from the sky. I am not sure if I have ever seen larger snowflakes in my life...these bad boys were pretty big! This was a light & fluffy type of snow.

As usual, there were some accident around the state because folks always drive too fast in bad winter weather. I just don't understand that because I would rather arrive late and alive to my destination then dead in a snow bank somewhere because of driving too fast. People, you need to slow down and take your time...even in 2" of snow!!!

I will admit that I like to look at snow after it has just fallen and for the first few hours it is on the ground it is very pretty. However, after a few hours humans, animals and cars can make snow look pretty ugly once it has been trampled through, driven through and pee'd on by pets! LOL

Enjoy my two photos from my backyard!

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