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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Easter Holiday Travel Destinations

United Kingdom
We are already midway through the month of February so the next major holiday coming up for us will be the Easter Holiday. Hubby and I also celebrate our wedding anniversary a week later than Easter so we are thinking about taking a trip to the United Kingdom this year to celebrate.

We have been doing some research online and we are thinking about staying in one of those self-catered holiday rental types of places. Have any of you ever done that? I think with the money we save on renting one of those types of places we could bring the entire family along with us! Right now we are justing looking for some Easter holiday ideas and we would love to hear what all of you think?

We found this really cool web site called HomeAway which is the home of holiday rentals for those traveling to the UK. On their web site you can find beach villas, country cottages, city apartments, mountain rentals and they even have a special offers section for those who are looking for fabulous travel deals. The Go! Travel Blog has some in-depth blog posts on various places you can visit too!

For us...we are considering a beach villa rental since I am a beach lover. I also read that there are numerous museums, shopping, restaurants, attractions, etc. all nearby and most are within walking distance to the villa we have been checking out.

We haven't booked our travel just yet as we are still looking around their web site but wouldn't it be super fun to get the family together and take an overseas trip to the United Kingdom for the Easter holiday? We think so!