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Monday, May 14, 2012

Save Money on Summer Vacation with Expedia Coupons

Save Money on Summer Vacation with Expedia CouponsIt's hard to believe that summer is only a few short weeks away and many families are already planning and booking summer vacations to favorite travel destinations. I know for my family, we will be planning 3 different vacations this summer, so it's important that we save money as much as we can.

I was looking online for some Expedia coupon codes 2012 and found many of them that we can utilize during our vacation planning. For example, we are planning a trip to Hawaii and we found an Expedia hotel coupon where we can save up to 30% on our hotel reservations! Wow, that is a great savings! With savings like that, we might be able to take our daughter along with us!

In addition, we are planning a late summer trip down to St. Lucia and I found an online expedia coupon where we can save up to 55% or get one free night! I was jumping for joy when I found that online coupon code, because I was ready to pay full price. That is a huge savings and with the money I am saving, I think hubby and I will be able to afford some scuba diving lessons too! yeah!
Save Money on Summer Vacation with Expedia Coupons

You can really find a lot of great hotel and flight discount codes and coupons at GeekAlerts, so I hope you will check them out before you start booking all of your summer vacations. Why pay full price for all of your travel arrangements if you can get them at a discount, right? Any type of savings you can get will allow you to afford the other things you want to do on your summer vacation!

Where will all of you be traveling to this summer? Got any of your summer vacation plans set in stone yet? We got 2 of our 3 vacations planned so next week I will be working on the third one. Please feel free to leave me a few comments below on your summer vacation plans or how you like to save money when booking them. Happy Traveling!

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