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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Traveling to Wellington in New Zealand

New Zealand
For the past few days my husband and I have been busy planning out all of our vacation plans for the year 2013 and one of the places we would love to visit is Wellington in New Zealand. Have any of you ever been to New Zealand or the Wellington area? We heard that it's beautiful!

When we travel overseas we sometimes will stay in a large resort and at other times we like to stay in local bed and breakfasts.

It's officially called the Gardens Homestay and located right in Wellington. The B&B was built in the 1890's and done in the victorian style. (I always find the victorian style to be so romantic!). It is located near all of the attractions you would want to see while visiting the Wellington area.

They have some photos of the B&B online which look lovely and I appreciate that they have wireless internet and a gorgeous swimming pool for total relaxation and trust me, I need a lot of relaxation right about now!

When we travel and stay in a beautiful B&B we find we that we get total customer satisfaction and one on one attention by the hosts who either run the B&B or actually own it. You just can't get that type of service from a large hotel or resort.

Anyway, we are still trying to figure out where we want to go next year for our 4 vacations but Wellington is definitely at the top of our list. What about you? Working on any vacation plans for 2013 yet? If so, where do you plan on going?