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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New York City Travel - Going On The Cheap

New York City Travel - Going On The Cheap
New York City Travel - Going On The Cheap

By Pamela Lawson

With the state that the current world economy is in, there is now a dramatic need to converse available cash and also if we are traveling, we need to save and scrounge as much as we can without giving up on the fun of exploring a new city. Many tourist spots in the US are expensive, particularly in a city like NYC.

Bus charter rental can really save you quite a bit of money too if you are traveling in a group, however, it is not a necessity. Here are a couple more tips on how to save money when traveling to a culturally diverse and interesting city like NYC. Bus charter services can take you to innumerable tourist attractions but the admission fee for most of these attractions isn't cheap. Not unless you go in with a New York City Pass which automatically allows you to enter well over 70 or more popular attractions like museums, parks and exhibits. What is even more fantastic about the deal is that you can purchase a guide right off the website, find interesting things to do in New York City, mark them, schedule them and hand the list over to the bus driver and you are off.
New York City Travel - Going On The Cheap

When you get to a new city like NYC, bus charter drivers will tell you that the best way to save cash is to find cheap eats. Make no mistake about it, 'making do' with cheap eats is not going to ruin your holiday here. In fact, there are people who have been here, ate at budget eateries and said that it was the best way to have a taste of the local culture and food. What you can find at the large restaurants are merely fancied-up versions of the local food. To understand and get to know the people here, you have to eat what the locals eat. Simple. If all else fails, head for Chinatown where the food is good and cheap.

Before your trip, the best thing to do is to get online and explore a theater's website for information, discounts and other fabulous deals and pay for them online. For example, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra often run great deals on their websites and give out discounts for students and elderly people. The savings is proven to be substantial when you are going in as a group. Group savings, in our opinion, is the best.
Central Park in New York City

Doing free things like spending half a day exploring Central Park can be refreshing. It is right smack in the middle of the city, it is free and it is gorgeous. What more can you ask for?

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