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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where to Look for Affordable Hotels in Las Vegas

Where to Look for Affordable Hotels in Las Vegas
So you want to take a gamble in sin city do you? Well if you want to spend all your money on the blackjack table or in the slot machines then you need to be pinching your pennies on everything else if you are hoping to make it big in Las Vegas. The first thing you need to do is to find cheap hotels in Las Vegas. To do this you’ll need to know where to look for affordable hotels so you can maximize your spending money in the casinos, but just make sure you take in a show or two as they are mesmerizing to watch.

Look For Hotels Online

The first place you should look when searching for an affordable hotel is to search for Las Vegas hotels on a search engine website. This allows you to search for multiple hotels in the area at one time so you can find the most affordable price for your budget and taste. Do you want to stay in the thick of it in a casino or would you prefer to stay in a hotel just off the beaten path? Whichever you choose, just make sure you find one that is clean, comfortable and affordable for your budget.
Where to Look for Affordable Hotels in Las Vegas

Search in the Yellow Pages

Another way to find affordable hotels is in the good old phone book. If you want to buy a plane ticket without reserving a room beforehand, you can do so but you better find the first Las Vegas phone book and turn to the yellow pages so you can find good hotels at decent prices. There are still promotions happening if you look for hotel rooms in the yellow pages. Even if you booked your hotel room before you left your city, pick up a Las Vegas phone book to see if the hotel you are staying at offers any coupons or discounts.

Read Forums

Usually used as a last resort to figure out where to stay in Las Vegas is to read online forums. These forums are often biased especially if a hotel is rated highly. When you read these forums you need to keep in mind that not everyone can be satisfied and there could be a few complaints scattered throughout the positive reviews. Everyone has different tastes, styles and budgets so you should take these opinions with a grain of salt.
Downtown Las Vegas in Nevada

Social Media

Go online and ask your friends and family on your social media accounts. A lot of people hangout on social media these days and will offer up their opinions and advice. In other words, go log into Facebook and Twitter and ask your followers for their lodging advice.