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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Changing of the Leaves in Pennsylvania

Our "Photo of the Week" for this week is one that I took yesterday of a gorgeous tree in our neighborhood that is beginning to change the color of it's leaves! We are located in South Central, Pennsylvania and the gorgeous Fall foliage colors have already began.

As you drive through neighborhoods, suburbs and the mountainous areas here in Pennsylvania, you can "take-in" all of the beautiful trees and their colorful Fall foliage. Most people think you need to head up north or go into Virginia or West Virginia to see the beautiful leaves, but that simply is not true! Pennsylvania is one of the prettiest states to view the Fall foliage in.

In another 2 weeks or so, I will try to get another photo of this same tree so that you can see the color change in progress. We love this time of year! Enjoy the photo!

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