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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Beautiful Island Called "The Wildwoods" in New Jersey

North Wildwood in New Jersey
The island known as The Wildwoods is actually several coastal towns all joined together on one single island. You will find North Wildwood, Wildwood, Wild Wood Crest and Diamond Beach which all border the Atlantic Coast side of the island. For the purpose of this travel blog post, the entire island is included in my list of "Things to See and Do in Wildwood New Jersey."

In North Wildwood (the north part of the island) you will find a really laid-back atmosphere. You will find the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, 2 miniature golf courses, an oceanfront free playground for the kids, plenty of space on the beach and if you have never walked the sea wall in North Wildwood, you really should! If you personally ask me, North Wildwood is the prettiest part of the entire island.
North Wildwood in New Jersey

In Wildwood you will find several miniature golf courses that are located right on or off of the boardwalk, an indoor Waterpark at Montego Bay Resort (located on the boardwalk) and one of the most fun amusements piers that is run by Morey's Piers (they have several oceanfront amusement piers and water parks that they manage). The beaches in Wildwood are wider than the beaches in North Wildwood so there is plenty of room for everyone there.

In Wildwood Crest you will find the Convention Center where they hold music concerts and other various attractions. You can hop on the world famous Tram that runs up and down the boardwalk and go from one end to the other end of the 2 mile boardwalk pretty quickly. Most of the Wildwood boardwalk action is not located in Wildwood Crest but in Wildwood itself.
North Wildwood in New Jersey

In Diamond Beach you will find that part of the island is absolutely beautiful but it's mainly a residential area with a few places to eat, a few shops (off of the boardwalk) and one miniature golf course/ice cream shop right at the south end of the island before you head over to Cape May.

There are a lot of things to see and do why visiting The Wildwoods in New Jersey so it's best to plan to stay for several days, so that you can take in all of the area's attractions and amusements. When it comes to beaches, all of the Wildwood beaches are beautiful, clean beaches that are FREE. That's right, no paid beach tags needed!
North Wildwood in New Jersey

If you need some information on particular things to see or do, or just need some Wildwood lodging recommendations, check out my New Jersey category here on my blog. It's loaded with blog posts and photos! Enjoy your trip to Wildwood!

Note: All photos in this travel feature are clickable. Clicking on each one will open it up in a new window and in an enlarged size so that you can check out all of the details up close. Enjoy!

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