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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pennsylvania Winters

Pennsylvania Winters

This winter has been a long and hard one for many residents in Pennsylvania and thankfully, we are starting to see Spring on the horizon! (or so I thought) Just two weeks ago my tulips and daffodils started sprouting up from the ground and I was hopeful that Spring was going to get here, and get here early!

However, I was really disappointed when I looked out my front door and saw a light dusting of snow on the ground! What???? Really???? Haven't we had enough of this already? Apparently not! On top of that, we got some sleet coming down now and that is making the roads super slick.

I don't know about all of my Pennsylvania neighbors and friends, but I am certainly ready for Spring to get here. I am looking forward to spending time out in my yard doing my flower beds and planting my vegetable garden. Heck, I am already dreaming about the beach and hanging at the pool.

So today, my "Photo of the Week" happens to be a shot out my front door featuring the latest round of icky winter weather. I am keeping my fingers crossed, that perhaps...maybe...just maybe...this will be the last "go around" for us this year!

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