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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Allegheny Mountains in Western Pennsylvania

The Allegheny Mountains in Western PennsylvaniaBack in April my husband and I took a road trip out to western Pennsylvania and took the PA Turnpike for most of the way. It was a beautiful drive and we passed over and through several Pennsylvania Mountains along the way. (click on photo above to enlarge) Hubby thinks the shadows on the mountains look like a cow (on the left) and the shadow on the right looks like a snake! hahaha!

Today I am sharing with you two photos that we took of the beautiful mountains here in western Pennsylvania. If you love the mountains and the countryside, Pennsylvania has a lot of that! Our mountain areas are really beautiful in the springtime and during the fall when the leaves start to change colors.
The Allegheny Mountains in Western PennsylvaniaYou can click on the photos in this blog post to enlarge them so that you can see finer detail on them. If you are not from PA. and looking for a nice road trip, we recommend western PA. and take a nice drive on the Pennsylvania turnpike from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg. There are a lot of nice little country towns along the route that you can stop in and have a little visit.

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