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Monday, July 1, 2013

Concerts and Sporting Event Tickets at Madison Square Garden

A few times every year my husband and I travel up to New York City, New York to see a few music concerts or to attend a few sporting events and always love it when we visit there. When we attend these events we always attend them at Madison Square Garden which is one of our favorite arenas due to it's excellent parking, security and it's large massive size!

We always buy our Madison Square Garden Tickets online because it's always so much cheaper to get them online, than at the front door. Not only that, we don't have to stand in line and they are sent to our home with ease. Gotta love that!
New York Times Square

The schedule for Fall 2013 looks really interesting and we are considering attending the Eagles concert on November 8th and the Rod Stewart & Steve Winwood concert on December 9th. Don't they sound like fun concerts? Yes they do!!!

My brother loves NCAA Basketball Games and I am thinking about ordering him some tickets to a few of the games at the Garden for his Birthday which is in November and perhaps as a holiday gift come December. He is a huge sports fan and I know he would love to attend a few basketball games come Fall.

When we travel up to New York City to have a little fun we like to get a hotel for the night and stay near Times Square. You can find some moderately priced hotels and then there are larger, more costly hotels too. What is really nice though is that there are many fine restaurants within walking distance and Broadway is just a few short blocks away.

Anyway, I am off to buy some tickets! Thanks for reading my blog post today!