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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Dauphin Carnival in Dauphin Pennsylvania

Dauphin Carnival in Dauphin Pennsylvania
Hubby & Princess on the Ferris Wheel
Every year you can count on the Dauphin Carnival taking center stage during the month of July. People come from miles around to have fun at the carnival but most folks are from Perry and Dauphin county.

Earlier this month the Dauphin Carnival kicked into high gear and one of the main attractions this year was the Ferris Wheel...I guess for most people, this is a favorite ride. Along with the Ferris Wheel there were the typical kiddie rides and adult rides that you find at most small town carnivals.

There were a lot of food vendors and you could get the standard carnival fare like hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, funnel cakes, cotton candy, sno-cones and a whole host of other delicious treats. This year our favorites were definitely the root beer sno-cones and the Princess had to have her cotton candy!
Dauphin Carnival in Dauphin Pennsylvania
The Princess & Her Cotton Candy!
In-between riding the rides you can walk around and play a few of your classic carnival games like a dime pitching contest, balloon darts and more! Usually I am a big fan of carnival games but this year I thought the prize offerings were just lousy...hence, I skipped the games.

Parking can be a real nightmare if you go to the carnival Friday or Saturday night...the weeknights are not bad, so if you plan on going during the weekend evenings...I suggest you leave early to find a good parking spot. The one thing I was impressed with this year was that there was plenty of lighting and plenty of security folks walking around and even though this is a small town in America (Dauphin), it's nice to know that you can be safe while taking the family to the carnival.
Dauphin Carnival in Dauphin Pennsylvania

Every year the start and end dates of the carnival vary...but it's always held during the month of July. Sometimes I found the updated information on the Dauphin Borough website and other times it reaches me via word-of-mouth. Anyway, if you are looking for some family fun next year...consider taking the kids to the Dauphin Carnival in Middle Paxton Township.