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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rio Station Restaurant and Bar in Rio Grande

Rio Station Restaurant and Bar in Rio Grande New Jersey
If you are visiting the Wildwood, Diamond Beach, Rio Grande and/or the Cape May area in south New Jersey you will want to check out the dining experience at the Rio Station Restaurant and Bar in Rio Grande, New Jersey. Some people actually consider the area to be in north Cape May but officially it's in Rio Grande, right on the mainland across from the Wildwood island.

Even though this is a restaurant and is kid-friendly if you are going for lunch or an early dinner. The day we arrived it was about 3pm in the afternoon and had no "wait" for service. Matter of fact, there were only 4 other patrons there while we were dining! Yay!

Rio Station Restaurant and Bar in Rio Grande New Jersey
The Rio Station has an extensive dining menu...from classic burgers, steaks, seafood and everything in-between. They have a limited kid's menu with about 8 different kid-friendly options. Our grand daughter couldn't resist the spaghetti & meatballs!

We had 5 adults and 1 child in our party and were quickly waited on. It was about 30 minutes and our dinner was on the table. My hubby had a classic burger and said it was one of the best he has ever had. I had some clam chowder soup with a salad and my daughter enjoyed a steak. It was great that their menu offers so many different options and we were all able to get what we wanted. If you want a drink you can get a cold beer, wine or a cocktail. We enjoyed a few bottles of cold beer with our meal. 
Rio Station Restaurant and Bar in Rio Grande New Jersey
The restaurant has on-site free parking and the rest rooms were very clean. Our waiter was "top notch" and at our table every 10 minutes checking on our needs. He was fabulous and we left him a nice tip! As you can see from the photo above...the family had a great time!

Overall, we were very impressed with the menu options and the food was delicious! We will definitely be dining there when we return to the south Jersey Shore on vacation again. You can check out their web site to get a copy of their menu, directions, hours of operation, the wine list...etc. Highly recommend!

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