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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Beautiful Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania

Beautiful Fall Foliage in Central Pennsylvania
We are now into the beginning of October and the leaves on the trees here in Pennsylvania have started to change colors. If you are in the northern part of our great state...they are really alive with various colors of orange, yellow, red, dark purple and green. If you are in the central part of the state like me...they are about 20% into the process of changing their colors.

In two to three weeks around here...they will definitely be in their peak and the leaves will be dropping to the ground. While I love watching the leaves change color every year...I hate what is next and that is millions upon millions of naked trees! Our trees are so dang ugly during the winter season with no foliage on them at all unless they are something like a pine tree which I don't find appealing at all.
Beautiful Fall Foliage in Central Pennsylvania
Today we had a high temperature of 86 degrees so it doesn't quite feel like Fall here just yet. It has been unseasonably warm this past week and next week once the cold front moves will start getting cooler again. Hubby has gotten our rakes and the wheel barrow out of the shed and now we are just waiting for the Fall yard work to begin.

If you want to take a nice day trip drive I would suggest heading up to the Poconos to see the Fall foliage up there or take a day trip down to Lancaster County. Both of those areas on the eastern side of the state are great places to be if you want to see the Fall foliage. Not only that...they make nice little affordable day trips too that the entire family can enjoy. 

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