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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hershey Sweet Lights - Tips to Know Before You Go!

Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey Pennsylvania
Heading to Hershey Sweet Lights this holiday season? If so, we got 8 important tips for you to know before you go!

1. Wash all of your car's windows before you leave your home. Make sure they are clean and streak-free! You will want to see the Christmas light displays in all of their beautiful glory!

2. Bring several throw blankets with you in the car! Many of you will want to roll down the windows to get a better look or to take photographs. Having the blankets will help to keep you all warm when the windows are rolled down.

3. Bring a fully charged cell phone with you on your journey. If you should have a medical emergency or need automotive help while visiting Hershey Sweet can call for help and they will send assistance to you.
Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey Pennsylvania
4. Plan on taking photos? Make sure your camera and/or video camera is fully charged! It takes 35 to 50 minutes to get the entire way through the light display. Photos are permitted but you must stay inside your vehicle at all times.
5. Pack your own snacks and beverages! While you can purchase caramel popcorn at the gate, I felt it was expensive! Pop your own popcorn and bring it from home with some beverages if you plan on snacking during your ride.

6. Got 3-D glasses at home? If so, bring them! When we visited they only gave us 2 pairs at the gate and we have 5 people in our car. It was a real pain to pass them around and share them. If you have some, bring them!
Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey Pennsylvania
7. They do advertise a special FM radio channel that you can turn to if you want to listen to holiday music as you see the holiday lights. However, there are a lot of commercials. We found it best to just bring along our own holiday music CD for the ride.

8. If you plan on going straight home and are worried about the kids falling asleep in their clothes, dress them in warm pajamas before you leave home. If they fall asleep on the ride back can just carry them in & put them to bed.
Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey Pennsylvania
The most important tip of all? Just relax and have some holiday fun with the family as you drive through the Hershey Sweet Lights holiday displays! Take your time, don't rush and really enjoy yourselves during this busy time of the year.

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