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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Catch a Movie - Movie Theaters in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Regal Cinemas in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
If you are traveling to the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area and looking for something to do, we have several nice movie theaters located in our area that show current and up-to-date new movie releases. Some of these theaters are quite large with multiple screens/shows going on at one time and a few others are smaller in size.

Here is a list of the local movie theaters located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. You can visit their web sites to get a list of current movie showings, times and driving directions.

The Regal Harrisburg Stadium 14 Movie Theater is located on 1500 Caughey Drive in Harrisburg, PA. Located nearby is the Susquehanna Place shopping center and nearby eateries to grab something to eat. For locals, this is one of our favorite theaters to visit.

The Midtown Cinema is located on 250 Reily Street in Harrisburg, PA. This particular theater is located within the downtown city limits. The theater often hosts seasonal events so check out their web site for a current list.

The Whitaker Center Imax Theatre is located on 222 Market Street in Harrisburg, PA. This theater offers a really nice selection of movies and is very clean. It is located downtown in the Harrisburg city limits. When visiting this theater, expect to pay more and sometimes parking can be a real nightmare in the downtown district.
Regal Cinemas in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
The Regal Great Escape Harrisburg Mall Stadium 14 is located at 3501 Paxton Street in Harrisburg, PA. It is located at the Harrisburg Mall and is a great choice if you want to do some shopping before or after the movie. Parking is plentiful and there are a ton of nearby restaurants to grab something to eat before/after the movie.

The Colonial Park 4 Theater is located within the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg, PA. This theater is right off colonial road/route 22 in Harrisburg. Another great choice if you are looking to do a little shopping before or after the movie or to grab a bite to eat.  Movies here are usually a lot cheaper to see as compared to the other local "big" theaters here in the area.

If you are looking for other things to see and do in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania just visit my PA. category here on my travel blog. You can find ideas on where to play golf, mini golf, dining reviews, lodging reviews, shopping centers, etc. A lot of great ideas here on the blog for the traveler or someone new to this area.

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