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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Beautiful Philadelphia City Skyline

Philadelphia City Skyline in Pennsylvania
Our travel photo of the week for this week is one I took back in early September of the Philadelphia Skyline when hubby and I were visiting the city. I took the photo while we were driving on the expressway because it was the best view of the skyline we had all day.

I am not a huge fan of the city and frankly, I freak out every time we are on the expressway because everyone drives like nuts! Seriously, even in bumper to bumper traffic, drivers want to go 65+ mph, cross over four lanes in a matter of three seconds and well, it never fails, we always see at least one accident every time we hit the Philly expressway. Seriously, EVERY TIME!!!

I love looking at the skyline though and at all of those tall modern and historic buildings. It's a really pretty skyline and if you enjoy looking at skylines, this is definitely one on the east coast that you need to check out. The next time we are down to Philly, I am going to try to get a photo of the skyline from the west side as I think it may be even prettier than the east side.
Philadelphia City Skyline in Pennsylvania

You can click on the photo in this post to enlarge it to see the details better. If you are heading to Philly or traveling through Philadelphia via the expressway...this is one view you will definitely see along the way. Various television shows and movies show shots of the Philly skyline in their openers so perhaps you already recognize some of these buildings.

While I do enjoy the suburban areas in Philly, I really don't enjoy going downtown unless I absolutely have to. Thankfully, it's rare if I do! However, if you want to get to most of the tourist attractions, you will have to use the expressway to get in and out of the city.

Hope you enjoy our Pennsylvania travel photo for this week!

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