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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Perfect Light-Weight Travel Bag from Island Girl Bags

Perfect Light-Weight Travel Bag from Island Girl Bags
We do a lot of traveling and at times we will travel for several weeks or for several days. When we travel I like to use a light-weight cross-body travel bag so that I am hands-free. I avoid using leather bags as they are just too heavy and if I spill something onto them...well, you can't clean them unless you take them into the dry cleaner.

A friend of mine is a wonderful fabric artist who makes & designs some beautiful handbags, clutches, cross-body bags, cosmetic cases and handbag accessories. She owns and operates the online store called Island Girl Bags. Meet my good friend, Marybeth, one talented seamstress!

A few weeks ago I decided that I needed a new travel bag and went searching for one. I couldn't find any that I liked that were light-weight, stylish and was big enough to hold my digital camera, palm camcorder, wallet, sunglasses and other small items that I like to take out with me when we are sight-seeing and acting like tourists.
Perfect Light-Weight Travel Bag from Island Girl Bags
I decided to check out Island Girl Bags and I found the perfect cross-body bag for me! I love the black, yellow, lime green and pink striped print used in the construction of this bag. It has a zipper entry on the top and is lightly padded. It has a really long black corded shoulder strap so you can knot it up for the perfect length for your body. I keep mine long, so that I can remain hands-free.

It is the perfect size to hold all of the items that I need for a day of sightseeing! I love that it is light-weight and doesn't weight me down. If I get it dirty, I can toss it into the washer to clean it. It has a "slim" profile, which is figure flattering when wearing it across your body.
Perfect Light-Weight Travel Bag from Island Girl Bags
To go along with my new bag Marybeth made me a matching pocket mirror and tissue cozy in the same matching fabric print. Now I have a coordinated look! Yay! I just love this fabric and it is the PERFECT bag for my travel needs. Definitely much more stylish than an old-fashioned fanny pack!

If you love handcrafted handbags or looking for a light-weight stylish travel bag like mine, head on over to Island Girl Bags and take a look around! I think you will love what you see!

Disclaimer: I personally purchased the products mentioned above from Island Girl Bags. I was not compensated for this post. I am just sharing my personal experience with the readers of the Pennsylvania and Beyond Travel Blog.

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