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Friday, February 14, 2014

Downton Abbey's 7 Day Immersion Tour in the UK

How many of you are fans of the popular UK television show called Downton Abbey? I personally do not watch the show but I do know that the show has millions of fans across the world. My sister-in-law is a huge fan and is always telling me about it.

Today I wanted to share some information with all of my blog readers that was provided to me by a PR Firm about the new Downton Abbey 7 Day Immersion Tour in the UK (United Kingdom). All of the information below was provided to me as a courtesy for my travel blog readers. Enjoy!
Downton Abbey's 7 Day Immersion Tour in the UK

Obsession with All Things Downton Abbey Leads to One-of a Kind Tour to the UK ~ Created by and For Show Enthusiasts, Unparalleled By No Other Travel Offering.

As Downtown Abbey returns to US audiences with an all-new TV season so does Sterling Silver Tours, a one-of-a-kind travel offering created for and by lovers of the PBS Masterpiece hit program. The tour, unparalleled by any other travel company, goes deeper than the surface obsession of Downtown Abbey to deliver a hands-on experiential feel of the late 1912 society depicted on the show.

To support popularity of the show, two new Downtown Abbey tour dates are slated for Summer and Fall 2014 starting July 26-August 3, 2014, announced today by Sterling Silver Tours, the Seattle-based Downtown Abbey-obsessed tour group that created this seven-day Downtown Abbey immersion tour, also as a unique way to explore the UK through a combination of a television program wildly popular in the US with tours of London’s greatest attractions, applicable also to a non-TV viewing traveler.

The Sterling Silver Tour goes under the contemporary surface of a typical tour to London to uncover the historical and cultural roots that have laid the foundation for British society, celebrating the fascination world of manners, style and history the British series has become known for here in the US. The immersion experience comes as a fanciful vacation at a $2795.oo tour price, of which Vanity Fair says is “Perfect for TheDownton Abbey viewer determined to live like a Crawley.

“It is interesting how people become connected to the costumes, history and manners of Downtown Abbey. There’s something within these three aspects that enables travelers to feel the drama and live the experience,” says Sterling Silver Tours founder Suzzanne Lacey, also a show enthusiast and expert traveler, believing that history is best understood by dressing in costume and taking on the personas of bygone eras.

Lacey has traveled to more than 30 countries and 45 US states. She is additionally an Associated Press and Emmy-award winning TV producer, writer of family travel and luxury on the cheap, and founder of Museums without Walls, an educational nonprofit that offers opportunities to young people to learn about history by visiting the places where atrocities occurred and by listening to living witnesses, inevitably opening a dialogue on hate, history and how each of us plays a role on the world stage.

Both Sterling Silver Tours and Museums without Walls are based on the principle that history is best discovered by literally stepping into it and on the philosophy that travel should be fun, memorable and experiential. And both are supported by a combo team of volunteers, teachers and journalists, who each come with an obsessive passion for history, international travel, and all things Downton Abbey.

Tour price includes: Local transportation and roundtrip one-day transportation to High Clere Castle. All breakfasts, an afternoon tea, one dinner and an evening of drinks/snacks are included, selected for the health and budget conscious. Accommodations are centrally located 4-star hotels with close proximity to London’s abundant restaurant options. Rooms are booked based on double occupancy.

Package also includes cost of admission to all tours and activities on the tour, and transportation during the tour. Itinerary provides additional time to independently venture out into London for shopping, plays, museums that can accommodate individual sight-seeing interests. Travel arrangements to and from London for the tour are at the responsibility of participants. Airfare is not included. Three payment options are available. Registration for the tour is open to the general traveling public. To register, visit

Private itineraries can be booked for eight or more people, and the tour can be used as a unique fundraising item to support other nonprofit travel-related causes such as the crime-fighting flight attendant organization Airline Ambassadors International, currently going airport to airport to train the entire airline industry on how to spot and stop human traffickers en route. If you can’t travel this year, consider donating your frequent flyer miles to help your friendly flight attendants protect vulnerable children around the world.

Disclosure: Information and photos within this post were provided to me by a PR Firm to share with my travel blog readers.