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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Heading on Vacation? 22 Classic Travel Games to Take with You!

Twenty-Two Classic Travel Games to Take with You on Vacation
Hitting the road for spring break vacation? If so, you will want to head to your local toy store or department store and pick up a few affordable travel games to take along with you. Travel games are a great way to pass the time when traveling or to have on-hand for bad weather days.

The following list is some of our favorite classic travel games. Many of the games on this list can be played & enjoyed by the entire family, while others are more appropriate for young children who may be traveling with you. All of these can be purchased in travel sizes and some can be purchased in electronic hand-held versions.

1. Uno
2. Yahtzee
3. Rubik’s Cube
4. Electronic Handheld Simon
5. Tic-Tac-Toe
6. Electronic Handheld Battleship
7. Hangman
8. Classic Bingo
9. Rummikub
10. Magnetic Checkers
11. Mastermind
12. Connect 4
13. Chinese Checkers
14. Parcheesi
15. Magnetic Backgammon
16. Go Fish Card Game
17. Magnetic Dominoes
18. Snakes and Ladders
19. “Are We There Yet?”
20. Electronic Handheld Monopoly
21. I Spy
22. Road Signs Travel Bingo
22 Classic Travel Games to Take with You on Vacation

You don't need to spend a lot of money when purchasing your travel games and if you are on a strict budget you can check out second hand stores, yard sales or ask your family & friends if they have any games that you can borrow for your trip.

When selecting what to take...we always recommend that you select and pack three to four different games along with paper and a pencil to keep score. Pack all of your items in one bag to keep things easily organized. Most importantly, dig them out while on your trip and have some fun!

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