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Friday, March 21, 2014

Travel-Friendly Snacks and Beverages for Adults and Kids

Travel-Friendly Snacks and Beverages for Adults and Kids
Many families are opting to pack their own travel-friendly snacks and beverages. Who can blame them? By packing your own you can save a lot of money because often times those convenience stores jack up the prices 50-70% over discount retail.

Not everything makes a great snack for traveling! You want to stay away from chocolates (they melt in the heat) and avoid packing foods that require refrigeration. Here is a list of our top favorite travel-friendly snacks and beverages.

* Loose Granola and Granola Bars
* Nuts and Mixed Nuts
* Dried Fruit Snacks
* Beef Jerky and Beef Sticks
* Dry Cereal and Cereal Snack Bars
* Protein Bars
* Meal Replacement Bars
* Sunflower Seeds
* Small Boxes of Raisins
* Pretzels
* Crackers
* Snack Packs of Cookies
* Fruit Juice Lollipops
* Hard Candies (peppermint hard candy is good for motion sickness)
* Peanut Butter in Travel Packets
* Shelf Stable Milk (in boxes/cartons)
* Shelf Stable Fruit Juices (in boxes, pouches and small cartons)
* Bottled Water
* Tea Bags & Instant Coffee Packets
* Hot Cocoa Packets

In addition to carrying snacks with you...purchase a coin purse and load it up with change. You can walk into many food establishments and pay .10 cents to .25 cents to get just a cup of hot water for making coffee, tea or hot cocoa and they will even sell you a disposable bowl for having a bowl of cereal. 

By planning ahead and packing your own snacks for a can save a lot of time, money and hassle on trying to find affordable snacks for your family. 

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