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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ocean City New Jersey - A Great Family Vacation Destination

Ocean City New Jersey - A Great Family Vacation Destination
Beautiful Sandy Beaches in O.C. N.J.
Ocean City in New Jersey has a lot to offer families who are looking to get away this spring and summer. Unlike other Jersey coastal towns, Ocean City is alcohol-free so you won't find liquor stores, beer distributors, clubs and pubs on the island.

When I was 5 years old...we took our first family vacation to the island and every year since the early 1970's, we have returned over and over again. The beaches here are wide and beautiful, but it will cost you some money to get onto them as beach tags are required during the in-season.
Welcome to Ocean City in New Jersey

Back in the good old days you could find hundreds upon hundreds of hotels lining the boardwalk and streets but these days, they are getting limited. A lot of those "old" hotels have converted into condo-tels or timeshares. With that said, you can still find affordable lodging in Ocean City if you look for it.

If you are looking for luxury accommodations then we would recommend the Port-o-Call Hotel and if you are looking for more affordable family-friend accommodations we would recommend The Pavilion. Both are clean, friendly and located in great locations with the Port-o-Call being located on the boardwalk and the Pavilion being one block back.
Ocean City New Jersey - A Great Family Vacation Destination
Standing Under the Music Pier 
Looking for things to see and do while visiting Ocean City? Well, there are a lot of things to choose from! Just take a look at this partial list!

* Surfing, Body Boarding, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, and Boating
* Fishing and Crabbing
* Sunbathing and Swimming
* Outdoor Waterparks (in-season)
* Kite Flying, Beach Combing for Seashells, Beach Walks
* Arcade Games and Amusement Rides
* Miniature Golf on the Boardwalk & Golfing for the Adults Nearby
* Coastal Helicopter Rides
* Cape May County Zoo (15 minutes driving distance)
* Hundreds of Casual to Fine Dining Restaurants
* Hundreds of Low-End to High-End Stores for Shopping
Ocean City Music Pier in New Jersey

Throughout the year Ocean City has a lot of planned events ranging from craft shows, antique car shows, fishing tournaments, music concerts, parades and more! There is always something going on in Ocean City, New Jersey!

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