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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Get In Mental Shape For Your Vacation

I love to travel but often times when I am on vacation I have a hard time relaxing. I will sit there and worry about what is going on at home, is the family doing okay and how are things going at work? Is everyone doing okay without me?

For has always been this way but the past few months I have been making changes and changing the way I view personal and family vacations. Today, I wanted to share this article with all of my travel blog readers on how you can get in "mental" shape for your vacation and achieve total relaxation.
Get In Mental Shape For Your Vacation

Get In (Mental) Shape For Your Vacation: Start Relaxing Now

For most of us the summer is a time to relax, enjoy ourselves and take it easy. The truth, however, is that more often than not we end up tired and even more stressed out than were in the winter.

meQuilibrium CEO Jan Bruce argues this is the result of wrongly understanding relaxation as “doing nothing” and expecting ourselves to be able to switch off as soon as we hit the beach.

To ensure that you will truly relax and replenish yourself during your holidays, Jan believes we need to prepare ourselves ahead of our holidays and practice relaxation as our vacation approaches to be ready for it.

Here there are Jan's recommendations to achieve true relaxation:

1. Calm your body: A good sweat-inducing workout, a great massage, or a calming yoga class are all ways to help your body loosen up. With a more relaxed body, it would be easier to recognize what rejuvenating relaxation feels like to you.

2. Give your days an ebb and flow: You need to build pleasurable, non-work activities into your regular schedule. They needn't be complicated, but they do need to hold meaning.

3. Surprise yourself: Part of what makes vacation fun is doing something you don’t normally do. But it also may mean doing something on a whim, just because.

Jan Bruce is the CEO and co-founder of meQuilibrium, an app that teaches people how to dial down stress levels. Jan regularly contributes to the Huffington Post ('Stress Is the New Fat') and Forbes ('Why You Need To Stop Working All The Time').

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