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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Traveler’s Guide To Beer: The Price of Beer Around the World

Hubby and I love to travel and often times when we travel we like to stop in and visit local bars, nightclubs, pubs and breweries. One thing we have learned with all of our various travels is that the price of beer definitely varies from place to place! There have been times where we have paid $2.00 for a frosty mug of beer and several times were we have paid over $12.00. Yes, OVER $12.00 for one mug of beer!

Today I am sharing with all of you this pretty cool Infographic that shows you the price of beer around the world along with some other interesting beer facts. Did you know that Ukraine and Vietnam have the cheapest beer? On average, .59 cents! I wonder why it is so cheap there? One of the countries with the most expensive beer happens to be Iran at $7.71. Wow!

I found the section on the best-selling beer worldwide very interesting! I would love to know what your favorite beer is and what is the highest price you have ever paid for a glass, bottle or can of beer? I love trying out new beer but I tend to stick to the lights. How about you?

Check out the Traveler’s Guide To Beer: The Price of Beer Around the World.

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