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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Keep Money Safe While Traveling

How to Keep Money Safe While Traveling
Keeping your money and important documents safe while traveling is something that many travelers worry about. With that said, there are several steps & precautions you can take to help keep your valuables and money safe.

Let's take a look at these 6 important tips.

1. Limit the amount of cash that you travel with. Take at least 2 credit cards with you and utilize them for the majority of your spending.

2. Purchase your own small portable safe and take it with you! There are many companies that now market portable safes for travelers that are compact and lightweight. We find the best ones are ones that use a combination for entry, that way you don't have to worry about lost keys.

3. Don't carry all of your credit cards, forms of ID, passports and money all in one place! Keep some in your purse, wallet, a secret compartment in your luggage, carry-on bag, etc. Stash it in a variety of different places in case one item is lost or stolen, you still have some money to get you through.
How to Keep Money Safe While Traveling

4. Don't flash a big wad of cash around while you are out in public. Money flashing does nothing but attract the attention of thieves.

5. When using an ATM use one at a bank that you are familiar with or ones that are in public, well-lit areas. Make sure you keep a receipt of your transaction in case you need that receipt later on down the road. In addition, if unsavory characters are hanging around the ATM find another one that is preferably inside a bank.

6. Make duplicate copies of all of your credit card numbers, checking account numbers, copies of passports, travel documents, hotel information, airline tickets, etc. Take two copies with you (stashed in different places) and keep one copy at home. In an emergency you can call home and have copies of those documents sent to you or faxed to you for emergency use.

By following this important tips and taking a few precautions, you can keep your money, travel documents and valuables safe while traveling.

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