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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Commemorate Lincoln’s Assassination with DC Walking Tour - Assassinations in the Capital

Navy Memorial in Washington D.C.
Navy Memorial - Photo Courtesy of the Crime Museum
April 15th will mark 150 years since President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. All these years later we are still a country fascinated with the man who changed the course of history and managed to keep the nation intact. A great way to commemorate the assassination is to take the new walking tour, titled “Assassinations in the Capital,” being offered by the Crime Museum, located in Washington, D.C.

“Through the years we have always put guest suggestions into action. Often tourists ask us if there is an assassination walking tour in DC, so I am glad we can finally fulfill this request” states Janine Vaccarello, chief operating officer of the Crime Museum. “It seems appropriate to launch “Assassinations in the Capital” during anniversary of Lincoln’s death and guests will experience not only Lincoln’s story, but other presidential assassinations in a unique Crime Museum fashion, and I have no doubt our guests will enjoy it.”
FBI Building in Washington D.C.
FBI Building - Photo Courtesy of the Crime Museum
The new walking tour being offered at the Crime Museum lasts 90 minutes and covers a two-mile stretch. Those who take the tour will experience a fascinating journey to locations such as the site of President Garfield’s assassination, sites related to the conspiracy to kill President Lincoln, the site of an attempt on the life of President Truman, the Navy Memorial, FBI Headquarters, the White House, and Lafayette Square. The tour is designed for ages 10 and up.

In addition to offering the “Assassinations in the Capital” walking tour, participants can visit the Crime Museum, to learn a wide variety of other notable crime history. They will see temporary and permanent exhibits covering topics ranging from domestic terrorism to wildlife trafficking (coming soon). The museum also offers hands-on exhibits and interactive forensic workshops.

To purchase tickets for the walking tour, or get more information about this or other exhibits at the Crime Museum, visit their site at

About the Crime Museum: Crime Museum is located in Washington D.C. The mission is to provide guests of all ages with memorable insight into the issues of crime, crime fighting, and the consequences of committing a crime in America, through an interactive, entertaining, and educational experience. The museum offers walking tours, summer camps, galleries, a crime library, temporary and traveling exhibits, and more.

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