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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Visiting the Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

The Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is located in Halifax and is the largest zoo and wildlife park in the central Pennsylvania area. The park features a Safari Tour where you ride in specially designed cruisers which take you through the 150 acres. On the guided safari tour you will see sheep, buffalo, eland, elk, emu, deer, llama, yaks and other animals.
The park is open seasonally from May through October. Please see the website for their complete hours of operation and driving directions. During other times of the year they are open for special community events.
After the safari tour you can take the kids and head on over to their petting zoo where the little ones can get up close and personal with the alpaca, armadillos, camels, dwarf pony, deer, fawns, monkeys, guinea pigs, lambs, lemurs, llama, donkeys, goats and sheep. There are little machines where you can buy food to feed the animals. Many of them will allow your little one to walk up and pet them.
The reptile building offers a variety of snakes, reptiles and birds for you to check out. The reptile building happens to be one of my husband's favorite attractions to visit at this wildlife park. For myself personally, I will just remain outside and wait for him!
The zoo has wonderful exhibits where you can see zebras, lions, tigers, alligators, cougars, cranes, monkeys, donkeys, ducks, ostrichs, peacocks, prairie dogs, quails and a variety of other animals. It is definitely one of the best wildlife parks and zoos here in the central Pennsylvania area.

While you're visiting the Lake Tobias Wildlife Park you can grab a bite to eat and shop for souvenirs. We found their prices to be reasonable, although not cheap. They do have park rules about visiting their park and I suggest you read those before you go.
Overall, our family had a wonderful time visiting the Lake Tobias Wildlife Park and are planning on returning every year. A great park for some family bonding time and a wonderful educational experience.

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jopb said...

I didn't know about this wildlife park. I am learning so much about tourist options in Pennsylvania through this blog. I hope I can take advantage of this info nd visit the different sites.