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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Morey's Piers - Raging Waters Adventure Water Park

Morey's Piers and Beachfront Water Parks is a family-owned amusement and water park located in Wildwood New Jersey. The park is made up of 3 different amusement piers on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

The first pier is called Surfside Pier and it's located at 25th Avenue and the Boardwalk. The second pier is called Mariner's Pier and it's located at Schellenger Avenue and the Boardwalk. The third and final pier is called Adventure Pier and you will find that one at Spencer Avenue and the Boardwalk.

Recently we had the opportunity to spend the afternoon at the Raging Waters Adventure Water Park located on Mariner's Pier. If you plan on spending any time at either of their water parks you want to make sure you bring along a beach towel, change of clothing and some money for food & beverages. They do charge admission and it's pretty expensive so please be prepared.

You will find the water park admission area on the left side of this pier...back behind the famous Ghost Ship and nearby the First Aid station. The water parks are extremely busy during the weekends, so I highly suggest you try visiting during a weekday afternoon. It's still busy but not overly crowded like it is during a weekend.

If you are looking for discounts...I would suggest you check out their Play & Stay with Morey's Hotels & Resorts packages that they have to offer. These packages include overnight accommodations at one of their hotels/resorts and discounted admission into the water park. You can find information about these packages directly on their web site.

Raging Waters Adventure Water Park has several water slides throughout the park. It's quite a large park and you will do some walking! There are lazy rivers to enjoy, swimming pools, splash pools for the kids, water slides & water amusements for the kids and so much more!

When planning a want to spend at least 4 hours there because of the cost and because of the crowds. Trust me, it will take you awhile to go through everything and you will want to spend time doing some of your favorite water activities. One of the things I love about Raging Waters are the separate areas for the small children. We took our 6 year old grand daughter and I definitely didn't want her sliding on the adult slides or hanging out in the adult areas.

There are PLENTY of lifeguards on duty to help watch over the activities in both the adult and children's areas. Just remember, lifeguards are NOT babysitters and it's YOUR JOB to keep an eye on your own kids. Second, when your child is getting fussy & acting up...I highly suggest you move them to another area so that they don't disturb other guests.

We had a great time at the Raging Waters Adventure Water Park owned by Morey's Piers in Wildwood New Jersey. Would I call this an affordable family-friendly activity to do at the Jersey Shore? No...but it's definitely a fun one!

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