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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

North Pierhead Lighthouse on Presque Isle

North Pierhead Lighthouse on Presque Isle
Presque Isle (named by the French as "Almost an Island" is located in northeastern Pennsylvania along the Lake Erie shoreline. It's a popular summertime travel destinations by those who live in the northeast and the surrounding area.

One of the most iconic things you will see while visiting Presque Isle is the famous North Pierhead Lighthouse (also called the Erie Harbor Pierhead Light). This gorgeous lighthouse is very distinctive in it's look by being a square-shaped column painted with black and white stripes. It's located on a beautiful pier at the eastern tip of the Presque Isle Peninsula.

The lighthouse was built back in 1857 and sits at the entrance to Presque Isle Bay and the Erie Harbor. It's been helping to guide mariners ever since. The lighthouse grounds are open to the public but the lighthouse itself is closed to tourists. It's owned and operated by the United States Coast Guard.
North Pierhead Lighthouse on Presque Isle

Fishermen who visit the area love to fish in the waters that surround the lighthouse. The tourists who visit Presque Isle State Park love to check out the North Pierhead Lighthouse and take family photos. If your a lighthouse lover like can take one of the Presque Isle boat tours that are offered and see all three of the Lake Erie area lighthouses in one afternoon which is really cool to do.

Pennsylvania is typically not thought of as having beautiful lighthouses but we do! Most are located up along the shoreline of Lake Erie but we do have a few others located throughout the state. Over the coming months...we will feature a few others here on our Pennsylvania and Beyond Travel Blog.

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jopb said...

I do love the look of this lighthouse with its square sides and black and white sections. I wonder why the French named it almost an island - Is it so narrowly connected to the land at some point?