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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Street Art: Wyland Whale Wall Mural in Philadelphia

The Wyland Whale Wall in Philadelphia Pennsylvania is located at 2400 Market Street and is very easy to get to. Matter of fact, if you are taking the expressway through downtown Philly while traveling, you can easily see this whaling wall from the road.

The title of this Wyland Whaling Wall is "East Coast Humpbacks" and it was dedicated on July 19th, 1993. It's life-size or close to it...measuring 125 Feet Long x 130 Feet High. The mural is painted right on The Marketplace Design Center wall.
Wyland Whale Wall Mural in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

My photograph is not the greatest as I shot it from a moving car. We went down there and were going to park and walk up to it but didn't like the prices they were charging for paid parking which was numerous blocks away. Holy Cows...we would of done a lot of walking and paid out the butt for parking!

The next time I am doing some tourist things in downtown inner city Philadelphia I will stop by again and get a better and clearer shot of this beautiful Wyland Whale Wall. A definite must-see when visiting the Philly area in Pennsylvania.

* Tip: You can click on the photo in my blog post which will open in a new window so you can see an enlarged view to see all of the pretty details of this wall mural.

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jopb said...

Another beautiful example of,a sea mural with sea animals. This would be very impressive to see close up and Imshall put it on. My list of things to visit in Pennsylvania.