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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

TSA Approved Luggage Lock from Master Lock

TSA Approved Luggage Lock from Master Lock
Traveling. It's something I love to do and have become quite the seasoned traveler over those past 15 years or so. I travel a lot for business but I also manage to squeeze in some personal travel too. After all, we work hard to make a living and we need to make time for fun too!

One of the things I've had hassles with in the past is the TSA slicing open my luggage during their mandatory inspections at airports. Not only is this a hassle but it's time consuming, costly and embarrassing at times too! Finally I've found an easier way of securing my luggage when I travel and it's all thanks to the great folks at Master Lock!
TSA Approved Luggage Lock from Master Lock

For this review I received the 4680DNKL Luggage Lock from Master Lock. This luggage lock is TSA Accepted and Travel Sentry Approved.  The TSA screeners can open, inspect and relock bags locked with the TSA-Accepted lock. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that you can lock your checked baggage with this luggage lock and those screeners won't cut it off.

What is really cool about this luggage lock is that you can easily re-set the combination for every trip that you take while the TSA screeners use an universal code that only they know to open up your luggage during screening. Furthermore, I really like the compact size of this luggage lock because other's that we've owned in the past were large, heavy and just too bulky to use. You can also use this on your carry-on bags, backpacks, computer bags, etc.
TSA Approved Luggage Lock from Master Lock

We used our luggage lock while on a recent 3-day business trip down to Florida and it worked perfectly. Our bag was protected and the TSA had easy access to our belongings inside during the screening process. Matter of fact, one of the screeners told us that he wished all travelers would use something like this! Once we returned home from our trip we went out and purchased 3 more of these luggage locks so that all of our bags will be protected & secured while we are traveling.

Master Lock makes all kinds of great products for travelers. We own their travel safe and won't leave home without it! We use it to secure our cash, credit cards, passports, photo ID's, etc. when we are traveling. I will feature that product in another review over the coming weeks. It's fantastic!

You can learn more about all of the products that Master Lock makes by visiting their site online or connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: Shelly H. received a complimentary Luggage Lock from Master Lock for her to review, use and feature on her travel blog. Shelly received no monetary compensation and her words, thoughts and opinions are 100% her own.

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jopb said...

This sounds like a great lock for traveling. You know that your luggage is secure and only the airport screeners can open the suitcases.