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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dinner and a Show at the Cape May Stage

Dinner and a Show at the Cape May Stage
When we travel we like to check out the local art scene. For us...that means visiting local playhouses, concert venues, art museums and all sorts of other "art" related things. It's one way we like to learn about new culture and enrich our artistic sides.

Recently while on vacation to Cape May in New Jersey we learned about the Cape May Stage which was constructed back in 1853 and was originally a Presbyterian Church. When you look at it from the outside, you can definitely see that it was once a christian place of worship. It fits right in with all of the beautiful Victorian architecture that is found all throughout this seaside town.

There are two stages...the Main Stage and the Second Stage. Shows and events play at the Cape May Stage throughout most months of the year. You will find original shows Broadway Series hosted here. Tickets range in price according to the show and your age with a discount given to seniors and military members.

You can buy tickets online (highly recommended, especially during the busy tourist season) or if the show isn't sold out, you can purchase tickets at the door. If you really want a great experience you should check out their "Dinner and a Show" specials that are listed on their site. Several of the local gourmet restaurants in Cape May participate and you will need to set up reservations & buy tickets in advance for these special events.

You can learn more about the historic Cape May Stage and all of the events and shows that are hosted there by visiting their web site online. Even if you don't plan on seeing a show, make sure you stop by to check out all of the beautiful external architecture that this building has to offer.

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jopb said...

My older son and daughter have visited Cape May several times , but I don't think they know about this theater. It definitely sounds like something they would enjoy and so would we if we are able to travel there.