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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bumble Bee Hollow Miniature Golf

Bumble Bee Hollow Miniature Golf in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
My family is really into miniature golf. Every time we travel or visiting a new location we always look for a mini golf course nearby. Matter of fact, it's a family that we started over 25 years ago and it continues today.

Miniature golf is a great family-friendly activity and it's one that gets you and the kids outdoors! In addition, it's usually a very affordable activity depending on the location and the course.
Bumble Bee Hollow Miniature Golf in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Bumble Bee Hollow Golf Center on Linglestown Road in Harrisburg Pennsylvania is one of our favorite local mini golf courses. It's an 18-hole miniature golf course that is beautifully landscaped with wooden bridges, gorgeous blooming flowers and a breath-taking waterfall that are all part of this well-maintained golf course.

In addition to the mini golf course...they also offer a driving range, golf lessons and a golf shop that is on the premises. Right next door is a Subway shop where you can grab a bite to eat or you can find all kinds of different shopping venues up and down Linglestown Road.
Bumble Bee Hollow Miniature Golf in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

There is plenty of free parking right in front of the facility and it's a very short walk to the admission building to pay your fees, grab your golf club & balls. There are several practice holes that you can practice on before you hit the actual course.

The majority of the 18-holes are a Par 2 or a Par 3...we found two or three of them to be relatively easy but the rest were pretty challenging for us...which made it really fun to play!
Bumble Bee Hollow Miniature Golf in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

We visited on a Saturday afternoon during October of 2015 and had absolutely no waiting time. Matter of fact, only 2 other families were there when we were...which really made for a nice Fall afternoon. From start to took our family of three about 70 minutes to get through the entire course and we really took our time playing and posing for photographs. You certainly could get through in much less time.

We had a great time and like I said...this is one of our favorite places in south central Pennsylvania to play miniature golf! You can learn more about the Bumble Bee Hollow Golf Center by visiting the company's web site online. We highly recommend it!

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jopb said...

This sounds and looks like a lovely miniature golf course, much nicer than any I have visited in the past. Then grounds and the views are beautiful. It is nice that your family has this activity they enjoy doing together.