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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Philadelphia Phillies - Great Family Fun!

Philadelphia Phillies MLB Game in Philly Pennsylvania
The Philadelphia Phillies are a MLB (Major League Baseball) team located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. They play all of their home games in the heart of the city at Citizens Bank Park. When you drive on the Philly can see their home ballpark as you pass by.

We had the opportunity to attend one of the Phillies baseball games several weeks ago and really had a great time. We had to pay for parking and as someone who is handicap, I was frustrated with their handicap parking options. Other than that, there is plenty of parking available, but I do suggest that you arrive early for the game to grab the best spots.
Philadelphia Phillies MLB Game in Philly Pennsylvania

We got through the ticket gates quickly and our seats were really easy to find. Plus, the seats that we had were in a great location & all of the Philly fans sitting in that particular area were fired up and great to be around. Their excitement is totally contagious to say the least!!!

During the game we did get up and walk around to grab something to eat and to use the restroom. When it comes to food and beverages, I would say that they are expensive but it's pretty much what you pay when you go to any MLB game. My your meal before you go and then just grab a snack and beverage at the game.
Philadelphia Phillies MLB Game in Philly Pennsylvania

To beat the crowds...we left at the bottom of the 8th inning so that we could get out of the ballpark and through the parking lot before the crowds started to form. It was a pretty good decision because a friend of mine stayed the entire game and it took them over an hour to get out of there once it had concluded.

We had a great time as a family at a Sunday afternoon Philadelphia Phillies game. We are hoping to go a few times next season as the kids will be a little older and we think they will enjoy it even more. You can find their complete game schedule on the official Philadelphia Phillies web site and directions to Citizens Bank Park.


Journeymart said...

Philadelphia has built on its historical and cultural heritage to become an important destination.

jopb said...

My husband loves baseball and my older son took us once to Citizens Bank Park. We really enjoyed watching the game there.