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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Visiting the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio
The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo located in Ohio is one of the best zoos we have ever visited, especially in the state of Ohio. It's one of those zoos that is laid out very nicely and has a wide variety of animals for you to see. It's beloved by both adults and children...a great place for the family to spend an afternoon.

When you visit the zoo you'll find a welcome plaza as soon as you pass through the main entrance gate. You can find public restrooms and a first-aid station I suggest you visit the restroom before moving on throughout the zoo.
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio

You'll want to follow your guide (map) and head to the right so that you can go through the African Savannah exhibits. Here you'll find lot's of animals that originate from Africa and it was one of our favorite areas in the entire zoo!

After we were done there we headed to the Northern Trek area and spent about 30 minutes visiting that area before we headed down to the Waterfowl Lake area. If you love birds that live near water, you'll really enjoy this exhibit. Since I'm a coastal lover, we spent some time here just watching all of the waterfowl eat and play in and near the water.
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio

The Australian Adventure is one of my husband's favorite exhibits at this zoo. He has always wanted to visit Australia to see their native animals and we really enjoyed the nice variety of animals that we saw here.

When you visit, some of the animals you will see are: anteater, grizzly bear, sloth, gorilla, otters, flamingo, elephants, tigers, cheetah, camels, zebra, dingo, deer, donkeys, hedgehog, giraffes, koalas, lion, lemurs, orangutans, ostrich, red panda, python snake, sheep, sharks, storks, swans, various turtles, numerous different types of birds, wolves, various fish species and so much more! Trust me, this zoo has a really nice variety!
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio

You can visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo website online to obtain driving directions, schedule of operations and to learn more about this fantastic zoo in Ohio. You can buy your admission tickets at the gate or to save time, you can buy them online. Admission price ranges from $9.25 to $13.25 depending on age.

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jopb said...

I would love to be able to visit this zoo. I love the way they have laid out all the different areas by type of animal and/or location.