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Sunday, August 28, 2016

8 Great Places to Shop in Cape May New Jersey

8 Great Places to Shop in Cape May New Jersey
Cape May in New Jersey is a great place to visit if your heading to the south Jersey Shore. It's a year-round coastal town that is extremely family-friendly. You'll find a vivacious art scene, theater that is always booked with great shows, great dining options, family entertainment venues, a hopping beach scene and of course...great shopping!
Out of the Past Antiques in Cape May New Jersey

When visiting Cape May, I love to shop for antiques and have two great places that I love to visit. The first one is called Out of the Past Antiques located on 394 Myrtle Avenue. This building doesn't look like much on the outside, but inside you'll find some gorgeous goodies to buy. During the summer season, they're open daily, during the spring & fall seasons, they're open during the weekends and during's hit or miss on their hours.

You'll find miniature doll furniture, old jewelry, antique glassware, china, clothing, furniture & accessories for your home, prints & photographs, old toys, costumes and more. It's a place that you'll definitely want to check out if your looking for some antiques.
Tea by the Sea in Cape May New Jersey

One of my favorite places to shop for antiques & gifts is a place called Tea by the Sea located on 405 W. Perry Street. Their name is a little bit mis-leading because they sell a LOT more than just tea! They have tea accessories, 100's of different teas, figurines, gift items, keepsake items, etc. A nice little gift shop that is super charming to visit!

They occupy the front corner of this medium-sized antique mall, so we always visit Tea by the Sea and then venture in and through all of the individual booths in the antique portion of the store/mall. The last time I was there...I purchased some souvenirs, birthday gifts, a coastal lamp for my home, some beautiful scarves, two pieces of jewelry, etc. I always find some special goodies when I visit.
Good Scents in Cape May New Jersey

Good Scents is located on 327 Carpenter Lane. They sell a wide variety of home fragrance products, bath & body products, jewelry, incense, candles, Turkish lanterns, music CD's, books and more! You can shop their physical retail store in Cape May or you can shop their store online & have your purchases shipped directly to you. A few months ago I purchased some lovely candles from this store!
Lynn Arden's Children Shoppe in Cape May New Jersey

Since I have 2 young grandchildren, I love to shop at Lynn Arden's Children Shoppe located at the Washington Street Mall. Oh yeah, no visit is complete until you visit some of the stores at the Washington Street Mall in Cape May! This one is located at 325 Washington Street. You can shop their retail store or shop their online store!

At Lynn Arden's Children Shoppe you'll find some of the cutest baby & children's clothing that you've ever seen! I call it "boutique style" apparel that you don't see in all of those cookie-cutter type's of stores. In addition, they sell maternity clothing, tween clothing, gifts and toys for the little ones!
Sea Star Boutique in Cape May New Jersey

One of my top favorite stores is the Sea Star Boutique located on 108 S. Lafayette Street. This store is a women's apparel store that sells boutique style and high-end designer brands. I love walking into this store and browsing around. Just be prepared, if you're used to shopping cheap department stores for apparel, this is probably not the store for you. If you like boutique style clothing, adore designer brands and are willing to pay more...then definitely head to the Sea Star Boutique!
Swain's Ace Hardware Store in Cape May New Jersey

The next store that we like to visit is called Swain's Ace Hardware located on 305 Jackson Street. This hardware store has been in business since 1896 and is open year-round. So, why do we like visiting this hardware store? Well, because they sell all kinds of other things too! I've purchased souvenirs, home decor items and gifts from this store!
8 Great Places to Shop in Cape May New Jersey

I mentioned the Washington Street Mall but it deserves it's own little section here too! This is an outdoor mall, so you walk outside from store to store. You'll find children's stores, gift shops, art galleries, candy shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants, souvenir stores, kitchen shops, toy stores, clothing stores & boutiques and so much more! This is the biggest shopping mall in Cape May!

Well, there you have it! These 8 great places to shop in Cape May New Jersey are some of my absolute favorites! You'll find other stores that are great too!

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jopb said...

The first 2 places you mentioned would probably be my favorites because I love to look for special items or good bargains. I am sure I would also enjoy strolling down the Washington Street Mall.